Is Cetec ERP a cloud inventory plugin for Quickbooks?

No! It’s something far better!

Cetec ERP is NOT a quickbooks “plugin”. Rather, it is the ideal replacement for Quickbooks for any small or growing manufacturing company. Cetec ERP is a full suite business system, robust, scalable, and a far better fit for any company that builds things.

Granted, many Cetec ERP customers utilize the Cetec ERP platform only for its inventory and Production/MRP capabilities. These companies simply export the General Ledger details of all transactions on a daily/weekly basis and import from Excel into Quickbooks or some other accounting platform to drive financial reporting in the third party accounting software. That’s a fine way to operate, but it requires extra transactional overhead to run the two systems in parallel, and because Cetec ERP provides everything that Quickbooks does (and more), it isn’t technically ideal.

Running manufacturing and financials on separate systems, or with a plugin that attempts to glue them together, is common for smaller companies, usually due to the lack of better cost effective option.

Companies go with Cetec ERP to get away from those headaches generally; inventory “plugins” are not scalable solutions, but rather one that people assume they have to live with as an SMB.

Cetec ERP is the path forward for small businesses seeking powerful, friendly, affordable cloud ERP.