• Setting Up for FedEx Integration. There are a number of things that need to be setup prior to FedEx integration, including:
    • LNAME Data: Navigate to ADMIN » Maintenance » Data Maintenance » LNAME. Please make sure that you have at least one row with the following data filled out: Location Name, Street Address, City, and Country (2 character code). If the country is US, you it also requires Zip (code) and State.
    • Note: You need the City, State, and Zip filled out outside of the unified the City State Zip Code field.
    • Freight Carrier Accounting setting: Navigate to ADMIN » Config Settings » Config Settings and search for “Freight.” Fill in the data provided by FedEx in following fields: Freight Carrier Account, Freight Carrier Key, Freight Carrier Meter, and Freight Carrier Password.
    • SHPCDE Data: Navigate to ADMIN » Maintenance » Data Maintenance » SHPCDE. Every row in the SHPCDE table that corresponds to a FedEx service type has to have the Freight Carrier checkbox checked, as well as have values selected for FedEx Service Type and FedEx Bill Type.
  • Using FedEx in Cetec ERP
    • Make sure that an order has a FedEx Ship Via method selected.
    • Navigate to the Invoice/Ship screen of an order.
    • Enter the dimensions of each package. Click on Add Another Package if you have more than one package.
    • Click on Ship Packages to mark them as shipped. After packages have been marked as shipped, a tracking number for each package will appear below the package entry fields with links to print labels and cancel shipment.

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