Coming Soon - CAD to Cetec ERP

CAD software is an extremely useful and powerful tool for engineers. Unfortunately, there is always a follow up to CAD software that represents major headache for engineers: keeping up with changes to the CAD’s BOM revisions in ERP systems, and the same for ERP’s BOM structure in the CAD platform.

Trying to maintain data in two separate systems always breeds inefficiency. This lack of integration is especially costly for engineers whose time is very expensive for manufacturing companies.

The complexity of BOM data

Engineers’ multi level BOMs can be complicated, and sub-assemblies within sub-assemblies create a web of engineering that is challenging enough to design much less input into an ERP system. Since engineers already spend a bulk of their time creating such elaborate designs, adding another time consuming step of manually re-creating BOMs in a cloud ERP platform is unnecessary. This is the major pushback for engineer to order companies to implement ERP, but what if the integration could be seamless, and any update to a BOM in the ERP would automatically update the BOM in the PLM and vice versa?

Linking CAD Software To ERP Software

Due to Cetec ERPs modern web-based platform and our extraordinarily flexible built in JSON API, integrating your CAD platform to Cetec ERP is an achievable goal.

Here’s a company currently at the forefront of ERP-CAD link technology:

  • D3 Technologies - "D3 is an engineering consulting company that partners with manufacturers to design better products and get to market faster by leveraging best-in-class engineering, design, process automation, and data management technologies."

Engineering frustration and wasted time can be solved by using a plugin like this to connect from your CAD app to Cetec ERP. Custom build engineering orders will integrate in real time through the plugin and import into Cetec with no manual maintenance of data.

Cetec is designed to be light, powerful and scalable to any business model. Our goal is to grow and support our customers where they need. This partnership is another step forward in creating the highest quality and most cost effective cloud ERP software in the world.