Automate FedEx shipments from directly within the Cetec ERP web interface. Cetec ERP seamlessly works with your FedEx Web Services account to help your shipping department stay fast and accurate in shipping.


Connect your FedEx Web Services account to create a seamless connection between your Cetec ERP instance and FedEx. For help setting up your FedEx account in Cetec ERP, see our helpful setup guide, and walk through the setup steps in the Cetec ERP Admin module.

How It Works

Once you have connected your FedEx account with your Cetec ERP account, you may begin processing shipments through FedEx from directly within the Cetec ERP invoice/shipping interface, including package dimensions tracking, real time FedEx label printing from Cetec, package tracking, and freight cost tracking, with zero redundant data entry.

For a complete walkthrough on how your shipping department will use the FedEx shipping integration from within Cetec, see the FedEx integration how-to tutorial.

What Is Supported? What Is Not?

Cetec ERP has integrated with FedEx Web Services API Version ‘9’. Currently FedEx has upgraded their Web Services API to Version ‘18’. Cetec ERP is in the process of upgrading our integration to work with the newest FedEx Web Services API. Please see below for an outline of what is supported and what is not supported via version 9 of the FedEx Web Services API.

Supported Ship methods?

  • Ground
  • 2-Day
  • Priority Overnight
  • First Overnight
  • Standard Overnight
  • Express Saver

What FedEx Ship methods are not supported currently?

  • 2-Day AM
  • Freight Priority
  • Freight Economy
  • International Priority
  • International Economy
  • International Priority Freight
  • International Economy Freight
  • NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING currently via version 9 of the FedEx Web Services API

Supported FedEx Billing Types?

  • Sender (i.e. billing your own FedEx account)
  • Recipient
  • Third-party
  • Collect

Getting Help

FedEx API configuration is a technically intensive setup process. If you need help, Cetec ERP offers technical support included in your monthly FedEx Integration SaaS plan; contact your Cetec ERP support rep for assistance!

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