Cetec ERP contains built-in integration to your UPS WorldShip Manifest system to help you streamline UPS shipment processing.


Connect your UPS WorldShip manifest system to create a seamless connection between your Cetec ERP instance and UPS WorldShip. For help setting up your UPS account in Cetec ERP, see our helpful setup guide, and walk through the setup steps in the Cetec ERP Admin module.

How It Works

Once you have connected your UPS manifest system with your Cetec ERP account, you may begin sending tracking information and freight cost amounts generated from UPS WorldShip back to corresponding order/invoice shipment records with zero redundant data entry.

For a complete walkthrough on how your shipping department will use the UPS shipping integration from within Cetec, see the UPS integration how-to tutorial.

Getting Help

UPS WorldShip integration is a technically intensive setup process. If you need help, Cetec ERP offers technical support included in your monthly UPS WorldShip Integration SaaS plan; contact your Cetec ERP support rep for assistance!

If something isn’t working properly with your Cetec / UPS integration, or you have a UPS shipping method that isn’t supported via the UPS WorldShip tie to Cetec, continue shipping by manually entering tracking number information and freight cost information into the appropriate fields on the order/invoice in Cetec ERP.

Shipping integration via UPS Web Services API is not currently supported, as it is not currently widely used in the manufacturing market.

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