Cetec ERP provides a superior product for manufacturers. A new generation of ERP - proven, modernized, deployed in the cloud.

True Manufacturing ERP

  • Production rich, operations driven, with seamless, real time integration to accounting. One single, integrated system for manufacturing.

Modernized Tech

  • Built on modern web technology, so you can move faster, at less cost. Cetec ERP is an upgrade path to the future, leaving behind a costly and dying breed of client/server tech.


  • Fully integrated ERP, all-in-one subscription, so you are never having to buy additional software as you grow.


  • Architected with state of the art license-free tools, the Cetec ERP web-based platform is more flexible and powerful than the aging client/server ERP model of the 1990s. With zero backend licensing fees and a highly efficient internal infrastructure, Cetec ERP can pass on cost savings to you in a way that other bloated ERP proviers simply cannot.

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