Create A Part Record

  • To create a part, first navigate to PARTS » List » Create New Part.

  • From the list of PRCs in the system, choose one. After that, type in the desired name for the part you want to create, and make sure the warehouse you want to create the part in is selected (‘Main’ in the default Cetec ERP database).

  • Click Create in order to create the part.

  • Once your part has been created you will be taken to the View Part screen. Here, you can view global part data as well as inventory data specific to the warehouse location that contains the part. To edit any data click the pencil icon.

Create A BOM

  • To create a BOM record, simply click the “create as BOM” checkbox when creating a new part.

  • This will create a new part record as a BOM and immediately forward you to the bill of materials definition screen, where you can add the components to the BOM.

  • From this BOM edit screen, select the sub-assembly or component you would like to add, enter in the quantity per top required for the assembly of the top part, optionally enter any piece size requirements for the component or sub-assembly, and click Update. Updating will add a new line for you to add an additional sub-assembly or component. Next to the components you have added already, you will see the options to see part data, or to delete the added component.

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