• In Cetec ERP, basic parts/items are called Prcparts. A Prcpart is a combination of PRC (Product Code) + Part number. PRC is a unique, three-character code required by Cetec ERP for your internal item numbers. The intended use of this smart naming scheme is for product segmentation and categorization.

  • Together, PRC (Product Code) + Part number, form a Prcpart. You will be able to show/hide PRC, Part number, and/or Prcpart on any customer or vendor interfacing documents.

  • To create a Prc, navigate to PARTS » PRC List, then click on Create PRC.

  • This will open up a new popup panel where you can type in the desired PRC. Remember that PRC should be 3 characters, type it in the field, and click Create.

  • You will see the PRC that you just created listed under the PRC table below. Under the PRC column, click on any of the PRC part to be taken to the edit screen.

  • This is the PRC Edit screen. Here, you can set the default accounts and vendors to associate with all the parts that share this PRC, give it a description, prevent the resale price from being changed and more. After making changes click Update to save the changes

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