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  • To navigate to the Cycle Count screen, go to WAREHOUSE » Inventory » Cycle Count.

  • Once you are in the cycle count screen, fill out relevant parameters and press Submit to filter and display the result of your search.

  • To create a new cycle count click Show Create. This will open up a new header area to define the cycle count you are creating.

  • Although the exact parts to be included in a cycle count is randomized, you can control the scope of the randomized inclusion process by filling out certain parameters, such as the minimum value per part or total part cost, ABC (usage value) code, or even by specifying which Prcpart to count through. After you define the parameters, click Create Cycle Count to initiate the cycle count procedure.

  • The resulting page displays the parts required to count to complete the cycle count. This page tells you the Prcpart, bin location, receipt #, and bin quantity expected. Count the number of parts in the bin, and enter it in Bin Qty Actual field. If this number differs from Bin Qty Expected, you must give the reason code for this difference (The reason codes are set in ADMIN » Data Maintenance » InvShortageReason). After selecting a reason code, click Set. The row should turn dark gray to indicate that it has been counted and updated.

  • Upon counting all parts for all lines in the cycle count screen, you can close the cycle count by clicking on Close in the header area.

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