• After you have taken a payment from a customer you will see a “Payment Closed” alert, along with the deposit information that is circled in red in the screenshot above. A “deposit” is an aggregate of a payments that have not been deposited into your bank account. Cetec ERP allows one deposit to be open at a time. All payments that have been processed in Cetec ERP will be collected in a deposit open at the time of the payment until you process the deposit.

  • To process a deposit, navgiate to ACCOUNTING » A/R » Deposits. You can use the search filter above to search for a specific deposit. The default setting is to display only the open deposit, which means that the screen will default to displaying only the current, open deposit.

  • Click on a deposit ID to the left to access the deposit screen.

  • The deposit screen displays the “Deposit To” general ledger account, the deposit value, and a list of all the payments that are collected in the deposit.

  • To reflect a bank deposit in Cetec ERP, click on the Deposit button. Doing so will display the Deposited On date field, as well as the Reconcile button.

  • When your bank statement comes in the mail, you can search the Deposits list by “Deposited” deposits, review the deposit against the bank statement, and reconcile. Click the Reconcile button, and Cetec will display the Reconciled On date field.

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