• A drop ship order is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. To create a drop ship order in Cetec ERP, navigate to SALES » Quotes » New Quote.

  • Once a new quote template is created, click on the icon to fill out the header information. Proceed with the usual process of filling out a quote header, yet remember to select Drop Ship for the Order Type. Once the information you require has been filled out, click OK to save the header information.

  • Adding lines to a drop ship order follows the same process as a regular order. One difference is that you have to choose Charge for the Transaction Code. Fill out the rest of data, and click on OK to add the line. Repeat this process until all lines are added to the order.

  • To convert a drop ship quote to an order, click on Convert To Order from from the left side navigation menu. This will take you to the Order Conversion screen. From this screen, you have to choose a vendor which will fulfill the drop ship order. Once you select the desired vendor, click Place Order. Doing this will auto-create a Purchase Order for the vendor. Three differences particular to the drop ship order should be noted:

    • The PO is created with line items that have the exclude inventory flag set, meaning that the PO will never be received.

    • The Customer Order is created as Bill lines since there is no inventory impact.

    • Ship-to address and shipvia come over from the quote header to populate the vendor PO and PO pdf.

  • Once the order has been created, navigate to the Invoice/Ship screen by clicking on it from the left side navigation menu. From this screen fill out the Ship Qty to be filled (unlike the usual order scenario, you do not have to pick anything after setting the Ship Qty) and click on Create Invoice. After the creation of invoice, make sure to notify both the customer and the vendor.

  • Once the vendor ships the ordered parts directly to your customer, they will send you a bill indicating the Purchase Order number that Cetec ERP has created for them. You can view this Purchase Order by navigating to PURCHASING » Purchase Orders and searching for it, or by clicking on the link to the Purchase Order from the relevant Order screen. Inside the View screen for your purchase order, below an order line, you will see a link to Create Voucher. You can use this to create voucher and to pay your vendor.

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