• Define Part Specific Inspection Instructions & Data Collection Requirements
    • Navigate to the Part Inspection Screen
    • Navigate to PARTS » View/Lists » List » [select a part] » Revisions.
    • Click on View under the Inspection Column of the Rev you want to modify.
    • Add Inspection Instructions by clicking Add Instruction and defining instructions.
    • Describe the Inspection step. You can also attach a picture to display in-line with the instruction to whomever performs the inspection.
  • Log In-process or Final Inspection
    • Inside a Work Order Screen, click on Inspections to the left side nav.
    • You will see the inspection steps. Go through with the inspection.
    • Fill out the fields underneath the inspection steps. The fields outlined in red are required in order to process the inspection.
  • Run Inspection Summary Reports
    • Inspection and inspection results will be logged to three reports — Inspection Report, Inspection Details, and Inspection Failures — under PRODUCTION » Quality.

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