• To enter a purchase order, first navigate to PURCHASING » PQuotes » New PQuote. Note that a pQuote in Cetec ERP functions as a purchase order template. Once you create and fill out a pQuote, you can convert it to a purchase order with a click of a button.

  • Click to edit vendor header info for your purchase order. Add a line to the purchase quote and enter all relevant purchase order line item information, e.g. quantity, part number, unit cost, etc. Then click OK to add the line.

  • If you need to send a pquote out to your vendor, select PDF/Email from the left side-nav, and email an auto-populated PDF of the pquote to your vendor directly from the system.

  • To enter the purchase order, select Convert To PO from the left side-nav, and click the Place Purchase Order button.

  • Note that before converting a PQuote to a PO you might have to get it approved from a user with management role first. An admin user may configure the pQuote workflow to require or to skip this approval process.

  • Once your pQuote has been converted into a purchase order, Cetec ERP will take you immediately to the purchase order view screen for that PO. On this screen, you may view purchase order details, link back to the pquote the PO originated from, and move forward to purchase order fulfillment. To receive the purchase order to the warehouse for fulfillment, click on Receive PO link below each order line.

  • To issue the PO to the vendor, click the PDF link on the left-side nav. This will auto-generate a PDF of the PO to email to your vendor.

  • This is the Receive Parts screen for a purchase order line item. For more information on receiving parts check out our Receiving Help Documentation.

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