• Locate order
    • Go to WAREHOUSE » Picking & Kitting » Move To Pick Queues. All open, unreleased orders will display here.
    • Enter the order number and click Search, or scroll down and locate the order in the report.
    • Note: clicking the ‘Release To Warehouse’ link on a particular sales order will bring you to the same Move To Pick Queues report per above, filtered by the sales order.
  • Release order to warehouse
    • On the far right, there is a column called “Move.” Mark the lines to be released.
    • Toggle the work location from ‘Unreleased’ to ‘Warehouse’ to register the new order status, and click on “Move Orders.”
  • Warehouse personnel receives signal to pull stock & fulfill order
    • Warehouse users may be assigned a Pick Queue.
    • Order releases to the warehouse fill the Pick Queue. Warehouse users work from the pick queue to pull stock and fulfill orders.
  • Order documentation (e.g. “traveler” or “license plate”) may also be printed from the Move To Pick Queues screen.

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