How To Track Outsourced Product From A Third Party Vendor

Outsource POs refers to a transaction for a good or service in your supply chain of production or distribution that is performed by a third party manufacturer. During this transaction, it is crucial to visibly trace your inventory. In Cetec you have the capability to outsource a portion of your production to a third party vendor all while owning the material throughout the entire process.

  • First, create a new internal build by navigating to Production»Orders»New Build For Stock
    • Input the part requiring outsourced build operations.
    • Click the pencil icon, and set the location to your third party build operator.
    • On the left hand side, click the ‘Commit To Order’ button.
    • Before completely committing the order, you must click the ‘Receiving Location’ drop down to set your final receiving location.
    • Click the ‘Commit Order’ button
  • Now, you must pick the inventory for this order, but currently there is no inventory at the third party vendor’s location. So, you must purchase inventory, and have it deliver to the third party vendor’s location.
    • To do this, create a PQuote from the open work order by clicking ‘Create PQuote’ in the bottom left hand corner.
    • Fill out the quantity needed for this order, input the vendor information, and click submit.
    • Before you commit this PQuote to an Order, click the pencil icon in the header of the PQuote and select the location of the third party vendor, so they will receive the raw material to build your part.
    • Convert the PQuote to an Order, and then receive the inventory at the third party vendor’s location.
    • Head back to your sales view and pick the parts for the open order.
  • Before you complete the order, you must create an Outsource PO for the third party build operator for this order.
    • Click the Outsource PO button in the bottom left hand corner of the Sales View of your Order.
    • Fill out the part information you are outsourcing, and choose the third party vendor whom you are paying to build your part.
    • Once you click submit, this will tie the Outsource PO to the original work order.
    • In the edit screen of the Outsource PO be sure to edit your receiving information, so the third party vendor will ship the finished product back to you.
  • Since the Outsource PO is linked to the work order, there is no need to ‘Receive’ the completed job through the Outsource PO screen because when you complete the original work order, it will assume the part from the Outsource PO has been received in your warehouse.

  • As you can see in the ‘Complete’ screen of the work order, there is an Outsource PO charge for the work done on the job.

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