Sending A Work Order To An Outside Processing Step (i.e. Contract MFG for outsourcing)

  • Go through the normal work order process. Once your quote has been converted into an order, navigate to the production order screen from the sales order screen.

  • Prior to creating an oursource PO, you may want to move the work order to an outsource work location to update the order status so that everyone in your company knows where the job is. This will notify the system and other users that the work order is being outsourced.

  • To create an outsource PO from a work order, click on Outsource PO from the left side navigation menu. This will let you link a purchase order (to your contract / outsourcing vendor) directly to your work order.

  • The Prcpart you enter will represent the outsourcing labor that the outsource vendor will be performing for you. As such, you could use a non-existing, but descriptive Prcpart name (one rule is that you must choose from a pre-existing PRC) e.g. SERwelding, SERpainting, etc.

  • At the point of invoicing, the cost used for the outsource PO will get added to the order from which it was created, helping Cetec ERP to track the true cost of fulfilling an order.

Production Tracking Setup

  • To track production status on a work order when it goes to outsourcing, you should set up an “outsourcing” specific work location (either a generic one, or one outsourcing work location per your main outsourcing vendors).

  • Get a user with the Admin role to go to ADMIN » Maintenance » Data Maintenance » OrdlineStatus. Add a record, give it any descriptive name you would like, and make sure to mark it as “Is Outsourcing” location. Once you are done, press Submit.

Part/BOM Router Setup

  • You can add “outsourcing” as a step in production, i.e. deliver instructions on the router for a job to “send to outsourcing”

  • To do so, once an outsourcing work location has been set up, navigate to a part screen, Revisions, and the Labor Plan screen of the pertinent revision.

  • The Add Location pulldown menu will list the Outsource work location as one of the options. Select it, and click Add.

  • After adding an outsource work location, click on Edit under the # Operations column, and click Use Lead Time to give it an optional, estimated lead time.

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