• Enter the bill
    • Go to ACCOUNTING » A/P » Voucher List. Click the Add Voucher button.
    • Enter the info on the bill, e.g. PO number, vendor, PO lines and/or services billed, etc.
    • Once approved (or entered, i.e. auto-approved) the general ledger will reflect the dollar amount credited to A/P and debited to accounts correspondent to the “Break Down” section of the voucher.
    • Can the bill be paid now? Depending on your company settings, the voucher will either be auto-approved or will await approval from accounting mgmt.
  • Make a payment
    • You can create a payment directly from a voucher if it is approved, see above info on vouchers.
    • OR - go to ACCOUNTING » A/P » Payment List. Enter a Vendor and click Create.
    • Pay down any number or combination of open and approved vouchers that have been entered for the vendor.
  • Write a check (process the payment)
    • From the payment screen, select what vouchers and amounts you are paying.
    • Choose a payment type (wire transfer, ACH, system check, manually written check, etc.)
    • Update the system when you make the payment.
    • To create a check directly from Cetec ERP, mark Payment Type as “System Check” and click Mark As Paid. Generate PDFs of the check and remittance to print to any Laser jet printer directly from your web browser.
  • Reconcile A/P
    • All payments will be registered in the Check Register (go to ACCOUNTING » A/P » Check Register).
    • Reconcile checks as cleared.

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