• Define Default Receiving Instructions Per Part
    • Navigate to a part profile screen (PARTS » View/Lists » List » [Select a Part].
    • Click the pencil icon under the Part Info section. Fill in Incoming Inspection Instructions (shows at receiving), and click Update.
    • This will default receiving and/or receiving inspections instructions to the receiving clerk anytime this part comes in on a PO.
  • Receiving Inspections
    • Pre-defined Incoming Inspection Instructions will show on the receiving screen.
    • Enter in Qty Accepted and Qty Rejected. For traceability purposes, you may want to fill out Inspection Notes.
    • Click Receive. Inspection Notes can be seen under WAREHOUSE » Receiving » Incoming Inspections.
  • Failed Inspections & Defective Parts
    • Any receiving inspection failures will automatically generate a Non-Conformance Report (NCR) in Cetec ERP.
    • Defective parts may be put away (i.e. quarantined) into a separate bin location.

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