• Enter the payment
    • Go to ACCOUNTING » A/R » A/R Payments and enter the customer and deposit to enter a new payment on.
    • Or, locate a specific invoice to pay down via the invoice list or open A/R list.
    • Or, locate a customer to enter a new payment for via the customer list.
  • Apply the payment
    • On the payment screen, enter the $ value the customer is paying you.
    • Apply $ amounts from open invoices; anything unapplied will create cash credit on the customer account. Write off short payments if needed.
    • Clicking Update will create a transaction in the general ledger that credits A/R and debits the account you are depositing the payment into, which could be a bank account or an “undeposited cash” account.
    • Clicking Payment Complete will close the payment and unlock the ability to deposit the payment into your bank.
  • A note on prepayments
    • Cetec ERP also supports prepayments. From the Quote view screen or the Order view screen, you may create a prepayment, which will automatically create an A/R payment and apply the prepaid value toward that payment.
    • This will create a transaction in the ledger that credits your A/R prepaid account (e.g. Receivables > Other) and debits cash or an undeposited funds account.
    • The A/R payment created from your prepayment will await closure (by clicking the Payment Complete button) and deposit into the bank.

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