CalcuQuote is a full-service partner and provider of Cetec ERP and a provider of best-of-breed cloud manufacturing Quoting software for EMS companies.

Cloud ERP & Quoting Software For EMS Companies & Contract MFGs

CalcuQuote is a cloud-based electronics manufacturing Quoting software provider and a trusted Cetec ERP partner. As a domain expert in PCB, wire harness, and electronics assembly, CalcuQuote brings invaluable experience for EMS companies and contract manufacturers seeking a full service provider of ERP solutions for electronics manufacturers.

In addition to providing full service cloud ERP implementation and ongoing support on the Cetec ERP platform, CalcuQuote also offers a premium integration from the Cetec ERP system to their world class cloud Quoting platform (also called “CalcuQuote”) for a 100% web-based enterprise solution from Quoting to Purchasing, Scheduling, Inventory, Production, Quality, Shipping and Accounting/Financials. CalcuQuote represents a “best of breed” solution for complex custom manufacturing quoting needs that can connect seamlessly to your Cetec ERP cloud enterprise suite.

For EMS contract manufacturers or any high mix / low volume operation looking for faster quoting designed for custom manufacturing and a seamless manufacturing ERP platform that is completely web-based, partnering with CalcuQuote to support your Cetec ERP business system is the ideal fit.


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