10 steps to help you learn how to use Cetec ERP at your company

1. Basic Setup

2. Create Parts

  • Create Product Codes (PRCs) - Show Me How!
  • Create Parts - Show Me How!
    • Note: your parts won’t show cost yet! You don’t have any inventory value. Head down to Receiving to learn how to add stock to your inventory.
    • Note: a Prcpart could be treated as raw material, component, BOM (subassembly or finished product). Part representation in Cetec ERP depends on the context of the transaction. You can buy or sell or build or stock any Prcpart record in the system.

3. Model BOMs

  • Add components / raw material to create a bill of materials - Show Me How!
  • Setup Routers, Labor Paths, & Labor Estimates For Production - Show Me How!
  • Admin Task: Modeling your shop floor work stations and/or machines in Cetec ERP - Show Me How!
  • Handle subassemblies and multi-level BOMs - Show Me How!
  • Manage safety stock and build-for-stock programs - Show Me How!
  • No BOMs? Scroll down to ‘5. Orders/Jobs’ to jump to entering jobs or stock orders.

4. Load Inventory

  • Create a vendor - Show Me How!
  • Enter a vendor PO - Show Me How!
  • Receive inventory - Show Me How!
  • No need for inventory tracking? Scroll down to ‘5. Orders/Jobs’ to jump to entering jobs or stock orders.

5. Orders / Jobs

  • Create a customer - Show Me How!
  • Enter an order - Show Me How!
    • Note: all orders start out as “quotes” in Cetec ERP; order entry is one-click.
    • Simply enter order header info and line info and click ‘Convert To Order’.
  • Send order acknowledgment to customer directly from the system - Show Me How!
  • Release/Print order
  • Fulfill order
    • Customer order - stock (pull raw/finished stock, pack, and ship) - Show Me How!
    • Customer order - job only (no BOM, no inventory) - Show Me How!
    • Customer order - production (pull stock, build, pack, and ship) - Show Me How!
    • Internal order - build for stock (pull stock, build, and put back on shelf) - Show Me How!
  • Manage Order-specific BOMs
    • Tweak bill of materials on a work order as needed without affecting the permanent BOM record - Show Me How!

6. Production

  • How To Use Cetec ERP For Production Management - Tools and Best Practices - Show Me How!
  • Pick material, deliver to the floor, begin production - Show Me How!
  • Update router, track work time - Show Me How!
  • Pull up part drawings, follow work instructions, etc. - Show Me How!

7. Shipping & Invoicing

  • Pack, ship, invoice, and drive A/R - Show Me How!
  • Send bills automatically directly from Cetec ERP - Show Me How!
  • Review order cost (estimated/actual labor, material, scrap, overhead, outsourcing costs) - Show Me How!

8. Review Ledger/Financials

  • Review all transactions (e.g. receipts, invoices, etc.) real-time in the general ledger - Show Me How!
  • View financial statements (e.g. balance sheet, P&L, etc.) - Show Me How!

9. A/R & A/P

10. Move Data & Train Your Team

  • Batch import your old data into Cetec ERP. We can help; see more details on data migration here.
  • Sign up for expert training/consulting. Get launched quickly and easily; see more details on launch help here.


We want to help you take your company to the next level with Cetec ERP.

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