Take advantage of your data, visualize with cloud BI custom reporting for new business critical insights, earn back hours of valuable management time spent preparing reports.

Cetec ERP BI Platform Can Help You

  • Transform ERP data into visual custom reporting tool
  • Create and schedule custom reports to leverage ERP data
  • Earn back hours of valuable management time spent preparing reports
  • Clarify internal activities and drive growth opportunities
  • Customize reports exactly how you need them
  • Get new angles on valuable information
  • Stay competitive with total visibility and insight into your business
  • Get an immediate pulse on your business with executive pulse dashboard
  • Understand your business better by drilling into summary metrics and high-level data
  • Slice, dice, re-organize, or consolidate into shareable, saved custom reports you can re-run on any periodic basis

Other Features Include

  • Simple, accessible web interface; usable methods for queries, reports, and data visualization
  • View high-level data or drill in order to determine driving factors behind the summaries
  • Create custom defined reports and schedule to refresh and deliver at desired date intervals
  • Earn back time spent redefining report metrics at regular intervals
  • Add “sort by” columns to report on data per your processes
  • Create, save, and share reports
  • View graphs and charts
  • Filter by and export to Excel immediately


We want to help you take your company to the next level with Cetec ERP.

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