Metal Stamping and Tool and Die

Metal stamping manufacturers require structured work schedules, controlled inventory and detailed traceability. Visibility in planning, ordering and production is absolutely necessary. Fong Kai Industrial historically lagged in these crucial areas, attempting to patch together separate systems for each problem area. With Cetec, FKI simplified the approach, using an all-in-one system with the strength to address each problem on its own while staying integrated on one simple, centralized platform.

Medical Devices

Cetec ERP provides a complete solution for medical device manufactures with extreme traceability requirements in a simple, web-based ERP system.

LEDs and Lighting Equipment

LED & Lighting companies use Cetec ERP to handle custom manufacturing, capture total inventory traceability, and operate with greater efficiency.

Engineer To Order (ETO) Manufacturing

Job shops and ETO manufacturers need easy to use shop floor software tracking tools to provide visibility and drive costing and financial reporting. Cetec ERP is the most affordable and best cloud ERP for job shops, metal fabricators, and engineering heavy operations.

Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Electronics assembly and wire harness manufacturers require precise tracking of production and thousands of inventory SKUs. Manufacturing is typically quick turn and custom, with extensive engineering requirements and constantly changing customer demands. Such an environment is challenging, and requires a superious cloud business solution that is manufacturing centric, and powerful as it is flexible.

High Mix / Low Volume

Cetec ERP is a good fit for high mix, low volume environments, with solutions for custom manufacturing, precise tracking of production processes and thousands of inventory SKUs, engineering requirements, and changing customer demands.

Wholesale Distribution

Small/medium distributors and kitting operations need a simple cloud system for sales and quoting, commissions tracking, order fulfillment, cloud inventory control, mobile warehousing, EDI, shipping, and integrated financial accounting.

Job Shops & Woodworking

Growing job shops and woodworking shops can get organized, run faster, and compete better with a simple web-based ERP system for manufacturing.

Metal Castings & Process MFG

Metal casting operations are classically process manufacturing geared, with carefully crafted recipes of molten metal undergoing time tested processes to produce custom designed parts. Castings operations require the ability for software to model both custom, job oriented manufacturing, in addition to the complexities of process manufacturing in the cloud.

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