With Cetec’s new partnership with ShipEngine requires some setup to ensure the integration allows you to print labels from your desired carriers.

First, you must setup an account with ShipEngine. Navigate to their website here to sign up - ShipEngine Sign Up. Upon signing up, you will be taken to your main dashboard. Navigate to the ‘Connections’ tab on the left-hand side and add your carriers. You will need to add them by clicking ‘Add a Carrier’ and logging in with each carrier account you have.

Next, you’ll want to navigate to the ‘API Management’ tab on the left-hand side of your screen. Go ahead and create a new API key by clicking ‘Create API Key’ on this screen. You may give it a name (Cetec ERP) for your reference. Copy that key by highlighting the entire string of text and clicking ‘Ctrl + C’ on your keyboard.

Now, login to your Cetec ERP environment and navigate to your configuration settings. Search for the configuration titled ‘ship_engine_api_key’. Copy the API string of text from ShipEngine and paste it into that field. You’ll want to logout and log back in so the system can refresh the connection between Cetec and ShipEngine.

After logging back in, navigate to your data maintenace tables (Admin»Maintenance»Data Maintenance) , and select SHPCDE. If you are a current Cetec user, you likely have ship methods listed here. If you want, you can edit them with more detail and create more. These ship methods you add will represent your carrier ship methods (UPS Ground, UPS Air, Fedex Ground, etc.)

Finally, we will connect the ship methods in Cetec to the carrier options from ShipEngine. You’ll notice you have a new Maintenance option titled ‘ShipEngine Settings’ (Admin»Maintenance»ShipEngine Settings). On this screen, we display your ship methods listed on the left-hand side. Also, in the middle of your screen we display a dropdown of the carriers you added in your ShipEngine application. After selecting one of the carrier options, the service codes from ShipEngine populate on the right-hand side of your screen. You’ll want to copy the service codes and paste them to the corresponding Ship Method.

To utilize the ShipEngine tool and create labels in Cetec, watch our application video here - How To Generate ShipEngine Shipping Labels.

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