Cetec ERP 3.11 Release

Our latest release of Cetec ERP is now available in BETA. Cetec ERP 3.11 will be rolled out to LIVE cloud environments on July 14, 2021. We are excited to share with you all the enhancements included in this month’s update!

NOTE: Cetec ERP may perform soft rollouts to your particular instance of Cetec ERP up to 14 days ahead of the LIVE 07/14/2021 release date. If your instance receives a soft rollout, every one of your users will be notified upon login to that instance the next time they log in. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests about the new release!

Below is the complete list of 3.11 major features, enhancements, and fixes:


  • BOM Quote Worksheet UI revamp
    • Columns are now show/hide
    • Part description is now available to show/hide
    • Addition of left side-nav menu
  • Pieces per hour option for time estimate
    • On Data Maint » Build Operation table, there is now a flag for “pieces per hour”
    • If this is selected, then when that BuildOp is selected on a Labor Plan, then the “repetitions” input will be replaced by a “pieces per hour” input.
    • If you select this flag, then you should input 3600 seconds (one hour) for that BuildOperation.
    • This has the effect of dividing time input by number of pieces input, instead of multiplying time by the Qty on order for the part’s labor estimate.
    • This is useful for estimating machine throughput time on labor plans.


  • Order that puts customer over credit limit now puts order on credit hold

  • Added retained earnings filter to Statement of Cash Flows financial report.

  • Speed optimization for invoice commissions report.

  • Added logic to cutoff work location movement tracking at time of invoice (order closure) instead of retaining it indefinitely.

  • Made Prcpart and Description sortable on Order List; made bin column sortable on inventory list by bin.

  • Added logic to close any open part requests created from a work order if/when that work order ships/invoices/closes.

  • Added tax group column to sales history report (invoice list)

  • Open permissions of ProductionOnly user role to allow issuance of part requests

  • WIP Material report is now exportable to Excel

  • Added “moved on” date to production -> order -> list to see when an order entered its work location (“Show Prod Mgmt?” needs to be checked in order to see “Moved On”)

  • Added Order (OrdHead) workflow to My Tasks queue reporting

  • Added PO Line dock date to PO Line Receipt history report

  • NCR bonus columns are now filterable on NCR report

  • New default GL mapping now exists for RMA Credit Memos (set in Admin > Config Settings > GL Transaction Settings)

  • If an order is linked to an NCR, you can now block shipment of that order until NCR is closed/resolved.

  • Tightened controls around partial shipment % ratio relieve; System will now check to ensure “qty relieve” of inventory is correctly proportionate to amount being closed/shipped, otherwise complete/receive and/or invoice will error/alert.

  • Recommendation to enable “Stop Underpick Invoice” config to ensure inventory relief is in concert with partial complete/receive and partial shipment.

  • New scrap management tool. If you have a BUILD order for Qty 50, and 2 fail inspection and are scrapped, you may close the entire line item for Qty 50, while marking the Qty 2 as scrap, which will invoice the passing Qty 48 per normal invoice backflushing process to the order, while adjusting the Qty 2 (and all its component inventory that was picked for those Qty 2 BOMs) with a certain inventory adjustment reason code. This tool can be accessed via the Close Line/All tab (left side-nav) of an order.

  • Chart of accounts report, when filtered by comparison dates, will now show credits/debits as columns for reporting.

  • Work List is now an available document to be batch printed from Release To Print/Pick screen.

  • Added ability to see credit memos on a customer’s AR statement

  • Added new “hold” flag to set on vendor record; vendor master report allows you to filter on this hold flag.

  • Customer Backlog Report shows open order backlog by customer in 30-60-90-120 day “buckets”. You can customize the “buckets” of days with this config setting - Customer - Backlog Aging Buckets

  • Speed optimization to WIP Material report

  • You can now search the usage log by how many seconds a request took to complete loading.

  • Non-inventory parts can now be required to be received before allowing vouchering. You can set this requirement flag as a default on the part record, or on the pquote/PO line. If this flag is set, then the PO line won’t be selectable on voucher, only PO line receipt.

  • Sales Quotes and Orders will now display other users currently viewing the page.

  • Account list now displays a collapsible hierarchy similar to the Balance Sheet and the P&L.


  • Fixed RMA PDF not displaying customer part number correctly.

  • Fixed issue that was including intercompany transactional activity from AR reports.

  • Fixed GM logic on pricing rules and update helper tips (on hover) to match backend logic

Regular, remote system updates are included in Cetec ERP’s $40/user/month subscription package. We are always pleased to bring you cutting-edge software at a fraction of the price of big name ERP providers, all thanks to superior cloud technology. If you have more questions about Cetec ERP’s pricing and offering, contact sales@cetecerp.com or visit https://cetecerp.com/pricing/.