We offer the following services in house

User Training Programs

Training is a catch-all which encompasses both direct user training (how is a task performed) and also process consulting (what is the best way to model a task). Process consulting usually begins during the sales and discovery process and continues through user training as users are instructed on how to perform existing job functions in the new environment.

Training meetings are typically held weekly, and focus on a distinct area. Employees whose job functions include that area are included (or at least key stakeholders who will be responsible for internal training), and will have access to a Cetec ERP environment where they can practice the skills covered in the respective training sessions. This environment will be populated with the recurring data loads, which not only provides the users with familiar data for interaction but also helps to validate that the data loaded is accurate.

Job training checklists may be assigned as “homework” for you users to prepare ahead of time, allowing you a measurable method of gauging readiness of your team to successfully reproduce their current processes in the new Cetec ERP system.

Check out our suggested training programs here.

Resident Hosting

Cetec ERP may be installed on local hardware, running within your corporate network or on a cloud provider of your choice. Resident hosting requires the following:

  • A dedicated Linux environment.
  • Suggested server specs for a company with 10-80 users
    • Dell PowerEdge R730 Rack Mount Server
    • Dual 2.4 GHz CPUs, Dual Power Supplies, 32GB RAM
    • RAID 5 for Hard drives (with hot spare)
    • 24/7 Next-Day Support, 5 year warranty

*Note on disk space - recommendation depends on what storage is available either on your hardware or on your VM, and how many documents you are planning on storing within the Cetec ERP system. The above recommended specs typically will come with a few terabytes of disk space. 1.5 TB of disk space is recommended.

The fee for Linux operating system installation and Cetec ERP installation and configuration is $3,500. Hardware related setup and/or compatibility issues billed separately.

Cetec ERP charges a flat rate of $99/month for our resident hosting support plan. The plan includes critical patches and software-related server support. Resident hosted Cetec ERP system updates/releases occur per customer request. Any network, security, or hardware issues unrelated to the Cetec ERP application are not covered by the $99 resident hosting monthly support cost, and are to be handled by the your hardware or IT service provider.

What is included versus not included? Cetec ERP:

  • does not support your server hardware
  • does not support your Linux operating system
  • does support the Cetec ERP software and dependent sub systems
  • does offer a default backup policy included with the one-time $3,500 fee, 2 compressed files (one of all data and one of all documents), 7-day retention policy, other backup needs bill at our actual rate of $250/hr
  • does install an OpenVPN client that makes outbound connection to establish a secure tunnel, which our team will leverage for support and maintenance to your server
On Site Implementation Consulting

Cetec ERP offers on site consulting services for support, training, process consulting, and tailored system configuration to help you achieve a fast and successful cutover from your legacy systems and processes. Our in-house team of experts quickly deploy your environment, configure the system to your needs, train your team on critical business processes, and make custom programming changes if needed. Cetec ERP is flexible and our consultants are software experts and manufacturing industry veterans, which makes for a rapid, practical, and stable ERP switch.

ERP Project Discovery & Gap Analysis

Software implementations are notoriously high risk endeavors; common transition problems include a failure to identify gaps during the selection process, and incorrectly transitioning data from the old system to the new. Cetec ERP addresses these issues by involving technical product experts early, even during the sales process, ensuring that engineering resources are able to qualify potential customers for gating and/or excluding items. Cetec ERP offers remote or on site demonstration, discovery on site demonstration, discovery, user training, process consulting, system proofing, configuration, setup and planning, and formal discovery and gap analysis with you company key personnel to help bring clarity to your project vision and scope.

Data Migration

Cetec ERP handles data transfer in a software driven reproducible process, routing the data desired for migration through a set of programs to transform and load the data from spreadsheet format. Thus, the bulk of data conversion work is front loaded to the creation of these programs (once the suite of transforms is created, a refresh is a minor event [often 15-20 minutes]), and enables you to do recurring data refreshes and testing and validation in the weeks leading up to launch. By go-live, the whole process has been done so many times that the transition is relatively mundane.

Custom Development & Integration

Cetec ERP is a software framework that we adapt to your business processes. Customizable ERP software enables you to quickly change process to achieve new measures in markets with strict and diverse manufacturing regulations.

Cetec ERP provides your company with flexibility to adapt quickly and affordably to opportunities for new business and growth. Any custom development will inherit from the core Cetec ERP framework, extending the program to meet specific requirements without fully locking your business into a dead end software process.

This methodology enables us to sustain the software structure needed to ensure you always receive latest releases and upgrades (which are included in your subscription cost), while still allowing you to set your own behaviors, so you do n’t have to develop your own internal custom system. It is an ERP structure, but it is a structure we adapt to you.

Some business opportunities need a special process; others require tracking a specific piece of data. We work with you to codify ideas into systems that flow from collection to reporting, directly integrated to your Cetec ERP platform.

Traditional ‘knowledge experts’ provide process enhancements and structures in extensive documentation; consulting projects too often deliver little more than a final presentation. Rather than forcing you to read through endless PDFs, w e work towards usable, defined solutions, leveraging our industry experience to create defined software processes that emphasize solutions over presentations.

Some examples of custom development and/or integration include:

  • Custom templates / labels, custom
  • Ecommerce integration
  • EDI, FTP, automated data feeds
  • Shop floor testing equipment & data automation
  • Shop floor machine integration
  • Custom process automation
  • Custom field tracking

Contact us for a detailed quote for custom development of your Cetec ERP instance.

API Access

Cetec ERP provides a JSON based REST API so you can create connections between your ERP system and third party platforms like E-Commerce, Payroll, and more.

Access to the API is granted based on subscription to a monthly request/traffic model:

  • Free (< 1,000 requests per month) - $0.00/month flat.
  • Light (< 10,000 requests per month) - $300/month flat.
  • Moderate (< 100,000 requests per month) - $500/month flat.
  • Heavy - contact us for a quote.

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