The All-In-One Cloud ERP Solution For Machine Shops

Web-based ERP Built For Machine Shops

Low Cost Machine Shop ERP With Everything Already Included (CRM, MRP, Inventory, Accounting, Scheduling, Barcode Scanning)

Scheduling For Efficiency

Advanced scheduling to get most out of the machine capacity !

Watch A Demo Of Scheduling

BOM Estimation & MFG Quoting

Cost estimating of material and labor integrated to CRM and quick turn jobs. Check out this list of quoting features.

BOM Quoting Features

Part Numbering For Contract Manufacturers & Jobs Shops

Quickly enter and automate a part naming scheme to optimize quoting

Auto Part Number Best Practice

What is happening in the Machine Shop Community?

Keep up with the latest in jobs shops and plastics, glass, wood, and metal fabrication and machinery thought leadership

Check Out What Job Shop Companies Have Done With Cloud ERP

Cetec ERP is a proven solution to help machine shops grow on a single centralized platform with all modules icluded. Read these success stories!

Job Shops & Woodworking

“There was a gap between quoting and production in our shop, which became confusing and inefficient as operation grew.“

- L. Court, Reid MFG

Metal Stamping, Tool & Die

“We transitioned from another product that was overhead intensive, and shop floor management, MRP and traceability were our pain points that needed adderssing. Cetec provided the solution to those issues.“

- D. Dooley, Fong Kai Industrial (FKI)

Oil Tool Startup

“Cetec ERP is great, easy to use ERP solution for Frontier Oil Tools. We implemented the system upon the company's start-up and we never looked back. Easy of exporting data into excel, cross-functional reports, and seamless implementation. The system helped us streamline our processes and establish strong procedures across the organization. I would choose CETEC again every time.“

- M. Cutbirth,
Vice President, Frontier Oil Tools


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