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Cetec ERP is the standard cloud ERP software platform for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies.

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Why Cetec ERP?

Cetec ERP makes sense for growing companies. Run efficiently on a robust, one-of-a-kind, true cloud ERP Saas (Software As A Service).

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If the technology in your phone can send you to the moon, why should ERP software be so impossibly difficult? Cetec ERP is a new and long awaited generation of cloud ERP software, powerful, architected carefully upon decades of proven manufacturing and business practice, and — affordable! The way ERP should be, finally.

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Cloud ERP should help you stay efficient, not make you glue things together. You need a single canned solution that does everything. Here is the new standard for enterprise software: tier 1 feature breadth, affordable, and without the headache and complexity. Zoom into this flow chart for a full picture of the cloud ERP suite (CTRL, + to zoom in!)

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Be Wise

Do the math and make a sound, practical decision on your ERP provider. There is no reason why software should be so ridiculously expensive, while offering such terrible support. We're reasonable; we provide fast response and care. Modernized cloud ERP enables fast, effective implementations and a ground breaking SaaS model for support.

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Cetec ERP Is A Completely New Opportunity For SMB Manufacturers.

Run your company entirely on a web browser – a new and easier way to do manufacturing ERP

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All-in-one platform with everything you need, from sales and quoting to inventory management, document management, shop floor control, quality management, and financial accounting.

Built For Difficult Manufacturing

Avoid headaches as your company grows and matures; use practical tools to handle stringent regulatory requirements, and track dynamic production environments, all from a single, friendly web interface.

Modern SaaS for ERP

Start for free on a leading-edge system, stay continually updated, secure a path forward. All modules, support, maintenance, upgrades included in monthly subscription.

100% Web-Native

Give your employees easy tasks, right within the tabs of a web browser. Pull up work orders on mobile tablets; work remotely from anywhere.

Need a hand?

We're right here, ready to help. Cetec ERP employs dedicated in-house support, included in your monthly plan.

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Companies around the world are taking off with the best cloud ERP for manufacturing.

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Job Shop

“The only product I know that does everything I need. I didn’t even have to get training. It was easy to implement and install.”

Lance Court,

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Engineering & Fabrication

“We did not have an operating system to monitor purchasing, sales, quality, production, and accounting until we implemented Cetec ERP two years ago.”

Matt Cutbirth,
Frontier Oil Tools

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Lighting Equipment

“Implementation was fast, friendly, and transparent; the SaaS ERP model saved us thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Cetec ERP.”

Carl G.,
Illumitex Inc.

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