Sydney-based Make-To-Order Sign and Display Manufacturer self-implemented Cetec ERP, a fully integrated, forward-thinking web-based ERP software platform, in an effort to manage end-to-end business process.

Success Story: Advantage Line

Advantage Line is a make-to-order company out of Sydney, Australia who conceptualizes and produces eye-catching point-of-purchase displays that encourage people to touch, pause, and engage with products. They partner closely with clients to build long-term retail brand presence through the careful development and management of a distinct in-store marketing program.

The impetus for Advantage Line installing a cloud ERP was their largest customer, who required more rigorous, efficient, and scalable tracking of BOMs and work orders of subcontractors involved in their branding and signage projects. Advantage Line sought a straight-forward web-based ERP to replace their system of spreadsheets for orders, inventory, and accounting.

“We had been looking for a simple to use, fully integrated system that we could implement to coincide with a new project for one of our major clients. We looked at many different options, but Cetec ERP stood out as something that suited our needs, low cost, and straight forward for us to implement.” - Carol Dowden, General Manager at Advantage Line

Why did Cetec ERP make sense for a Signs And Displays - Make-To-Order company?

The most important factors for Advantage Line were:

  • finding a platform robust enough to run their business

  • simple and straight forward enough to “self implement” and avoid the upfront costs typical of ERP projects.

  • a cloud ERP system that could handle custom manufacturing requirements typical of Make-To-Order (MTO) businesses

Before launching Cetec ERP, Advantage Line used spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to manage the operations and inventory for one of their largest customers. They needed a cost-effective solution to manage the data and improve operations supporting their client’s project. After their successful implementation of the system on this project, Advantage Line now looks to leverage Cetec ERP to support their entire business - from quoting all the way through to accounting.

Advantage Line was able to successfully self-implement business operations onto the Cetec ERP platform, undercutting the massive costs typically associated with an ERP implementation project. They now have a key piece of their business running on one platform, and are looking to make use of Cetec’s fully native financials package to improve visibility, reporting, and efficiency across all sections of their business.

“Implementation was very straight forward. We had a few sessions with CETEC experts to get us started, and then as we progressed we were able to use the Support Team to answer any questions we had.” - Carol Dowden


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