Training & Certification Programs

Cetec ERP is offering a new training program for users interested in mastering basic concepts in each of the major departments of a manufacturing company.

For a six-month access period, users in your ERP system may be assigned “classes” in any or all of the following departments:

To take a class, the user/assignee will be guided through a series of video-based tutorials covering key concepts. Then, the user will be challenged to test their learning in a mock Cetec ERP environment. The mock environment will then “grade” the specific challenge with an automated test to check whether the user has successfully completed the challenge.

Successfully passing all challenges means the user has “passed” the class and attained certification in basic training in that particular department.

Additionally, as part of their six-month subscription, your enrolled users will have unlimited access to daily “office” hours led by a Cetec ERP expert, one session per department per day, on a rolling 10-day basis (as there are 10 departments).

If a user is unable to pass their test, or has other questions for the Cetec ERP expert, they simply need to sign up for the office hours scheduled and published for their department.


How Do I Sign Up?

Just login to your active Cetec ERP instance. You must be a user with “Admin” privileges (aka a 'super user').

Head to Admin -> Users -> User List, click edit next to the user you wish to enroll, and click the “Cetec UniversitERP Access” checkbox. This will begin a six month period, during which that user will have access to all classes and office hour sessions.

Questions? Contact sales@cetecerp.com and we’ll get you setup.

How Much Does This Cost?

Pricing is on a per/user basis, with price breaks starting after just 10 users! Note that price breaks are applied to users signing up in the same month, not across history. Access is charged once per user, and each user is given access to Cetec Universiterp Classes for 6 months.

Users 1-10 11-20 21-75 76+
Cost/User $375 $325 $250 $200

For Example

# of Users 1 5 10 20 50 75 100 150 200
Total Cost: $375 $1,875 $3,750 $7,000 $13,500 $20,750 $25,750 $35,750 $45,750
Cost per User: $375 $375 $375 $350 $270 $276.67 $257.50 $238.33 $228.75