Cloud ERP Selection Advice From Medical Startup: Pyrexar Medical

We recently spoke with Chris Krugman at Pyrexar Medical, a medical treatment system manufacturer, who recently implemented Cetec ERP. Chris shared with us Pyrexar Medical’s customer journey and offered some insight to help others beginning their ERP search.

“The ability for our company to configure Cetec to work with our process was ultimately the deciding factor to switch from our original ERP choice to Cetec ERP.” -Chris Krugman, Pyrexar Medical

Cloud ERP Selection Process For Manufacturing Startups

Pyrexar echoed many companies beginning their ERP search: the field of software providers is deep and wide. Pyrexar used the Capterra website to start their search, researching potential options fitting their criteria. The first cut left them with twenty-two ERP companies to evaluate.

From the 22 options, they created six categories based on their requirements and reached out to each and every one of the twenty-two companies on their list. After each conversation, the Pyrexar team would meet and discuss how the ERP provider ranked in each of their categories. Then, they plotted out these comparisons and continued to narrow down the pool.

“The Cetec support team was a wonderful asset in discussing how our processes and Cetec’s workflow could mesh.” -Chris Krugman, Pyrexar Medical

Holding Out For The Right Fit Of Cloud ERP For Medical Device

As their search came to a close, Pyrexar initially decided to move forward with a different ERP solution than Cetec ERP. They had an entire consulting team from this ERP company come out for an on site visit. But, although the software initially demonstrated well, during that time new concerns were introduced.

At this point, Pyrexar contacted the Cetec ERP team for consultation on how the Cetec product handled the shortcomings uncovered with the other ERP product. Cetec ERP’s responses gave them confidence that the Cetec cloud ERP platform would be a better fit for Pyrexar Medical, and they decided to change course.

Cetec ERP’s ability to ensure FIFO picking, accurately measure capacity in real-time, handle accounting needs, enact traceability and serialization, and create multi-level BOMs matched Pyrexar’s expectations as well as their budget.

Building Confidence & Trust

On top of proving a match for Pyrexar’s immediate needs, Pyrexar noted that Cetec ERPs unique capability as a SaaS technology platform to expand and grow with Pyrexar was vital. Pyrexar noted that interactions with Cetec ERP personnel built Pyrexar’s trust during product demos, project planning, and continued support by being honest, informative, helpful, and responsive. Cetec ERP’s dedication to excellence in technology and continued improvements gave Pyrexar confidence in a modern, forward looking ERP product.

Tips For Selecting And Implementing ERP

Looking back, Pyrexar project manager Chris Krugmen noted that the most difficult part of getting a new ERP system was the crossover and implementation period. A strategy that alleviated some of the pain during the transition was starting the training of key staff early, providing small training sessions for each of the modules. By training team members on the system prior to the go live they were able to predict potential issues and give team members an opportunity to address their questions before switching over.