Manufacturing quoting and BOM estimation helps your sales team stay consistent and work efficiently. Proven sales processes help you acquire visibility to key metrics such as won or lost business, sales personnel performance, order/item profitability, and more.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Help your sales team stay efficient and consistent with quoting
  • Turn quotes around quickly and reliably
  • Use professional quoting templates and interface with customer directly from ERP
  • Collaborate more effectively throughout the quoting process
  • Import hundreds of quote lines directly from Excel
  • Import BOMs from Excel onto quotes
  • Establish a quoting process that scales easily as your team grows
  • Track ownership and history of quoting activity to maintain accountability
  • Estimate better with powerful production planning and BOM template tools
  • Make more informed promises to customers
  • Gain competitive advantage with improved visibility to sales performance, profitability, and won/lost business
  • Predict cost and margin better
  • Quoting processes built in and integrated to your ERP system

Other Quoting Features Include:

  • Browse and add customers to a quote; auto-populate customer info onto quote
  • Create new customers on the fly from a quote
  • Browse and add parts (raw or finished items) to a quote; auto-populate item historical data onto quote to assist with cost and lead time estimation
  • Price break & quantity break tracking through each level of BOM on quote and each associated labor, overhead, or miscellaneous build charge
  • Manage unlimited levels of BOMs (multi-level BOMs) directly from a quote
  • Flexible reporting of quote activity per product, customer, sales user, etc.
  • Implement customer portals to account info, quote, order status, part drawings, etc. (currently in development)
  • Generate and export/email Quote PDFs directly from Cetec ERP to ensure professional and consistent communication across your sales team
  • Send quotes along defined workflow, automatically ping engineering, purchasing, sales departments by email for quote review and needed actions
  • Integrated manufacturing quoting for BOM estimating, job costing, labor routing, and more.
  • Qty breaks fully supported for product resale and impacts of qty breaks to costing in BOM quoting worksheet module
  • One process for labor estimation and BOM router definition, including individual operations at work locations and outsource lead times
  • Work order scheduling based on part router and capacity constraints at work locations defined on router - all manageable from the quote level
  • Tie material from quote to needed tools to drive estimate of build and production requirements upon order release
  • Define excess material minimums to drive estimates
  • Capture procurement and other miscellaneous charges ancillary to BOM production
  • Import quote lines and/or BOM material requirements from Excel onto quote
  • One click quote to order conversion (with restrictions on needed fields, e.g. customer PO number, etc.)
  • Quote to order conversion drives any new item or BOM creation, job travelers, complete work orders (correspondent to each quote/order line item), production routers, sub work orders for multi-level BOMs and subassemblies, complete material requirements for purchasing
  • Flexible data entry so your sales team can move at its own pace and turn quotes around fast
  • Close out lost business quoted; drive quote statistics based on reasons for losing business
  • Clone/copy quotes, quote lines, BOM info, and more; leverage any data to reduce redundant data entry
  • Built in system design provides a single platform for various order processes, e.g. build for stock programs, drop ship orders, consignment programs, make to order, engineer to order, stock orders, orders for multi-level BOMs, first article orders, blanket orders, phantom BOM orders, forecast orders, and more
  • Substitute interchangeable raw material defined on BOMs based on part spec group definitions
  • Attach documents / drawings to quote or to parts on a quote as related; documents are moved to work order upon order quote-to-order conversion. ERP document management enables you to go fully paperless.
  • Outside sales reps have access to entire CRM, may create quotes from customers on a tablet and directly enter into ERP while on site with customer.

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