Tackle any inventory tracking challenge, from high-mix / low-volume environments with thousands of part SKUs to metal and plastics processors with specific dimensional inventory requirements.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Manage diverse product mixes across the enterprise.
  • Provide transparency to inventory levels, cost, and movement to all users.
  • Reduce accumulated overhead spent dealing with inventory issues.
  • Software driven inventory processes provide complete traceability for all goods entering and leaving.
  • Easily serialize and identify raw components and finished items.
  • Extremely granular inventory control to satisfy stringent traceability requirements in regulated markets.
  • Proven inventory management system that is at once easy to use and highly granular.
  • Efficiently manage pricing per product or with flexible rules.
  • Pin down inventory issues with detailed activity tracking.
  • Gain total cost visibility and traceability across items through transactions.
  • Use a system for BOM management that was designed for complex manufacturing environments.
  • Bring BOM management into the quoting process, or manage directly as product maintenance

Other Inventory Management Features Include:

  • Inventory record management by location of warehouse and bin
  • Permanent BOM material definitions management with qty per top values, multi-level BOM definition support, and comprehensive cost estimate rollups
  • Inventory records include date code, lot code, revision, and serial level traceability, FIFO bin level quantity information, and inventory adjustment capability with reason codes that map to appropriate custom ledger accounts
  • Immediate stock / inventory checks within context of quote, order, PO, etc.
  • View “as-used” reporting on all material used in assemblies and/or on assembly orders
  • Auto-inventory creation upon entry of new orders, new POs, etc.
  • Full multi-level BOM and finished goods support
  • Material Substitution / Part Spec Groups
  • Support for dimensional inventory control, e.g. piece length (metal piping, electrical wiring, plastic sheet square footage, etc.)
  • Leverage dimensional inventory visibility to allocate material to orders in the most practical, cost effective manner.
  • Robust waterfall reporting for supply/demand projection
  • Product cross reference capabilities (e.g. customer part, MFG part, internal part, part synonyms)
  • BOMs include not just the item-level components, but also the build process and operations and other critical metadata.
  • BOM attributes/components tracked not only at the Part level, but also down to the specific Revision
  • Controlled process for rolling BOM revisions via ECO/ECR
  • Auto publish if item exists on any open ECO
  • BOM creation can be done as part of the quoting process or directly as product maintenance.
  • Support for inventory usage and excess inventory, slow-moving / aged inventory report, ABC analysis, usage value analysis, etc.
  • Average, FIFO, Standard, Actual costing methodologies all fully supported (as configuration options)
  • Standard cost deviations can be tracked to ledger at both receipt and shipment.
  • Ability to buy and sell in different units of measure
  • Create and track custom fields for parts
  • Multiple facility/warehouse support for inventory record management
  • Support for consignment inventory at internal and external facilities
  • Powerful inventory activity reporting
  • Part pricing rules and price controls
  • Vendor pricing catalog import
  • Attach quality alerts to parts (published in bright red on associated work orders) for time sensitive alerting
  • Maintain job routing, labor estimates, and work instructions per BOM, per BOM revision
  • Store documents, files, drawings per part, per BOM, per revision for access as “related documents” any time that part, BOM, or rev is processed
  • Kanban and ROP (reorder point) management, EOQ (economic order quantity), MOQ (minimum order quantity), standard packaging, min/max, and more
  • Detailed Stock Level-Report and WIP reporting tools
  • Ability to code part numbers to planner, type, plant, factory, etc (Item family tree) - e.g. company, warehouse, bin, receipt, production line, and more using custom “bonus column” fields
  • Maintain item commodity codes
  • Work center, work location, and bin location configuration, such as unreleased, doc control, picking, staging, dock, back stock, cart, & primary pick areas - mapping, assignment, replenishment, and open location visibility
  • Receiving can be performed against purchase orders or when no purchase order exists
  • Support for multiple warehouse locations / sites


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