Customer portals are designed to enhance collaboration and communication between your service and sales departments and your customers.

Rollout a Sophisticated Portal without Time, Cost, or Risk

  • Show proactive, world-class customer service; set yourself apart
  • Add the “wow!” factor to customer interactions with a modern, sophisticated portal interface
  • Give your customers a peek into cloud technology, prove your competitive advantage and commitment to value and efficiency
  • Accelerate quote approval turnaround time; gain business faster

Empower your customers to handle their own requests

  • Encourage faster, easier communication with your customers
  • Decrease sales admin on boring tasks; let the customer enter their information and requests directly into your ERP
  • Increase customer control and satisfaction; save time going back and forth
  • Make customers feel heard and included and paid attention; present yourself as the vendor who invests in their customers.
  • Lower the overhead around customer management. Ask yourself: how many customer service reps can I hire in place of a $20/month portal?

Customer Portal Features Include

  • Configure portal access and portal “roles” for your customers to customize the portal view
  • Enable customers to submit RFQ and upload documents or drawing(s)
  • Auto-email RFQs submitted through portal to company sales rep
  • Auto-enter RFQs submitted through portal as quotes into Cetec ERP, with quote details and documents/drawings auto-attached to the quote in Cetec ERP
  • Enable customer contacts to maintain their portal profiles to automatically update and maintain customer contact data in the ERP system
  • Give customers visibility to all recent shipments and invoices. Your customers may:
    • Review open or historical invoices/shipments by invoice or by invoice details
    • View invoice $ amounts unpaid immediately
    • Print/download any historical or open invoice
    • Lookup shipment tracking number for real time tracking status
    • Print/download any order packing slip
    • Export any open or historical invoice/shipment history by invoice or invoice details
  • Give customers visibility to all open orders. Your customers may:
    • Review open orders by order or order details
    • View order prices, quantities, terms, order dates, due dates
    • View real-time “customer facing” order status
    • Print/download order acknowledgment forms
    • Export any open order report or open order details report
  • Give customers visibility to all quotes pending approval from customer. Your customer may:
    • Review open, completed quotes pending review, approval, and issuance of PO
    • Print/download quote PDF
  • Give customers automatic access to their A/R statements; print/download automatically from portal
  • Dashboard visual of the following customer keyed reports:
    • Customer facing order statuses
    • On time delivery reporting
    • Open order forecast and upcoming A/R


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