Cetec ERP streamlines the procurement process, cutting through complex dependencies of supply chains and material needs to help you buy strategically and optimize cash flow.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Increase your cash flow with more systematic management of purchasing activity.
  • Accurately buy parts to predictively fill orders and production needs.
  • Quickly get visibility to analyze purchasing data and history.
  • Manage complex supply chains and procurement processes.
  • Predict need, pinpoint buying times, and minimize carry and outlay.
  • Ensure goods arrive on time.
  • Optimize cash flow as buying volume increases.
  • Reduce inventory, buy strategically, and accelerate response times to free up cash.
  • Customize requisitions and purchase approvals process and workflow to scale your buying team and A/P department.

Other Purchasing & MRP Features Include:

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) delivers suggested buy quantities based on supply/demand forecasting and ROP kanban levels
  • Automatic POs per material requirements supply/demand analysis (i.e. queued for approval and PO placement)
  • Shortage / Late work orders report delivers projected shortages
  • Get “days early” metrics from material allocation to better manage cash flow
  • Shop multiple vendors with RFQs built into PO template/approvals process and minimize outlay
  • One-click PO entry from pQuote
  • PO approvals and workflow based on price threshold settings
  • Issue POs to vendors directly from Cetec ERP (via professional, consistent PDF)
  • PO document auto-populated with vendor contact information to automate send
  • Specify dimensional inventory requirements on POs
  • Acknowledge PO receipt and commit dates with vendors; run open PO list by acknowledged or unacknowledged
  • Vendor performance grading and on-time delivery reporting
  • Attach outsource POs (subcontract work) to one or more work orders
  • Meet subcontractor min buy requirements by placing a single PO to fulfill outsource requirements across multiple work orders
  • Pass outsourcing costs through to the work orders that “consume” the outsourced service
  • Receive partially against PO line items with remainder to stay open with vendor on backorder
  • PO lines close automatically upon full receipt of product; POs close automatically upon full receipt of product on all PO lines
  • Place POs for non-inventory items and track unto vouchering
  • Link vendor PO line items seamlessly to A/P vouchering process
  • Automatically Create Up To Date Lists of which Materials Need to be Purchased Today.
  • Shop multiple sources for Parts/Materials Without Extra Work.
  • Convert Supplier RFQs to Purchase Orders with a Single Click.
  • Manage Purchasing Permissions with User-Specific Workflow and Approvals.
  • Prepare For Supplier Communication with History Reporting and vendor score cards
  • Easily View Purchase History by Product, Buyer, Supplier, or Nearly Any Other Criteria.
  • Buy material based on forecasted demand against current inventory levels, open POs, and supplier lead times.
  • Report on need-to-buy quantities of material based on ROP (re-order point) values.
  • Identify real-time shortages of material based on work order component and subassembly requirements.


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