Make work order scheduling and planning simpler and less painful. Cetec ERP production management tools help you make sense out of complex material and labor dependencies and better anticipate customer needs.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Allocate material and labor resources optimally
  • Meet production targets, customer demands, and prevent late work orders
  • Visualize system suggested production schedules
  • Make quicker, more informed scheduling decisions
  • Prioritize work orders more effectively
  • Optimize capacity and waste fewer resources

Other Planning & Scheduling Features Include

  • Track Dock Date (customer due date), Ship Date, and Work Start dates for all sales order line items (and corresponding work orders)
  • Automatic suggested allocation of available and incoming material to open orders based on due date priority
  • Hot list of late and/or short orders due to material shortage or lateness
  • Robust material requirements planning driven by detailed and highly visible component and assembly supply/demand forecast analysis
  • What-if build estimation available as early as the quote stage for material lead time and production lead time summary, can build now quantity, earliest completion date
  • Maintain material lead times from vendor
  • Define BOM labor estimates at each work location on the router to represent demand against production capacity
  • Define capacity inputs per work location to represent available supply to produce goods
  • Support for infinite or finite scheduling built-in
  • Configurable work start date automation on work orders, e.g. number of days ahead of shipment, min/max thresholds for acceptable days ahead shipment
  • Capture waiting, staging, and/or setup time on the shop floor
  • Automatic scheduling of all work orders by Dock Date (customer due date) priority, factoring shop floor capacity and/or outsourcing vendor lead-times against total order demand for a realistic production schedule your business can rely on and manage to
  • Default work start date to optimal order schedule generated by finite scheduling engine
  • View suggested work schedule per order or per work location in table format or with gantt chart interactive visual
  • Shop floor follows schedule, marking completion of finished processes, freeing up capacity
  • Set and manage to sales production targets month by month
  • Move orders, shift supply/demand, and view effects to production schedule
  • Make informed planning decisions based on upcoming sales and production targets displayed on interactive calendar; visualize total daily resale on planned orders, actual shipments, and sales targets


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