Track diverse shop floor environments, including labor and overhead tracking, electronic routers/travelers, and mobile data collection stations, helping your shop stay organized, efficient, and tightly integrated to the front office and the rest of your business.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Locate your orders in production
  • Simplify your production schedule and product mix
  • Solve common customer requirements for production auditability
  • Implement process controls needed to produce in regulated markets.
  • Deliver work routing, instructions, and documentation electronically
  • Collect manufacturing data across the build process
  • Manage diverse manufacturing environments
  • Track true build costs
  • No more spreadsheets, no more chaos on the floor
  • Simplify work documentation.

Other Shop Floor Features Include

  • Completely paperless work orders linked directly to sales order line items
  • Substitute materials on the fly on work orders away from fixed BOM records
  • Define steps for each production phase
  • Divide shop floor into assembly lines and work locations with corresponding line supervisors
  • Set up work locations (i.e. work stations, machines, etc.) to utilize on part routers and labor estimates
  • Map labor rates and overhead rates (burden rates) to particular work locations; labor tracked to work locations can map labor/overhead cost accordingly in ledger upon invoicing
  • Electronic work instructions with ability to enforce data collection (e.g. user initials, measurements, etc.) before router can proceed or shipment can be processed
  • Define Process Steps For Each Production Phase.
  • Attach pictures to electronic work instructions
  • Locate orders in production easily with work location reporting and critical status updates
  • Badge scan or tap for labor tracking per user or per user group: track all time spent to a specific user; identify true time/material cost per order / net cost per order
  • Barcode scan or tap to look up work order in Cetec ERP. Scan badge or tap to start labor time on a work order. Real cost tracking to occur based on rates and actual start/stop time on work orders
  • Reconcile Build Cost Against Estimate.
  • Segment piece movement across production process; includes support for batch or “one piece flow” methodology
  • Automatically generate work order documents, build certification (COCs), testing information, etc. - all stored directly on work order objects. Pull up any drawings or files associated with an item on the fly in production (e.g. cut sheets, etc.)
  • Send parts to/from vendors to track outsourcing time and cost; represent outsourcing in production schedule and production status; represent outsourcing costs distinctly on invoice for work order
  • Direct tie to in-process inspections, final inspections, shipping, and invoicing
  • Attach quality alerts to parts (published in bright red on work orders for those BOMs) for time sensitive alerting
  • Full auditability of work order history
  • Full support for tablets, mobile devices, laptops, etc. on the shop floor as data collection stations
  • Comprehensive ECO / ECR process including workflows, tracking, inventory BOM effects, open order effects, and much more
  • Visibility to:
    • Comprehensive work order status and details including order progress, due date, work history, work location changes, queue times, piece movement, floor user comments and updates, and more
    • Work-in-process (WIP) aging and material tracking
    • Track production to sales targets
    • Kit audit and inspection yield rates, details, and failure overviews
    • Active and historical labor on the shop floor, per user, per work location
    • Tooling and equipment upcoming maintenance and calibration
  • Associate All Parts Used To Specific Build.
  • Track All Time Spent to the Specific User.
  • Identify True Time/Material Cost Per Order or Net Cost Per Order.
  • Show Precise, Real-Time Order Status Across Operations.
  • Automatically Generate Documents.
  • Build Certification, Documentation, and Testing Information Stored Directly On Orders.


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