Empower smaller teams to increase throughput and efficiently manage any volume of receiving, material allocation, and shipping with barcode scanners, mobile printers, and mobile tablets.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Strengthen the throughput and accuracy of your warehouse team
  • Support your warehouse personnel with software driven process
  • Get visibility to stock levels system-wide
  • Leverage modern technology and advanced automation tools such as barcode scanners, tablets/iPads, and mobile printers to enable precise control across the full warehouse cycle, from receiving to shipping.
  • Manage receiving and put away to decrease chaos in your warehouse
  • Keep stock information accurate.
  • Pull stock with efficiency and traceability.
  • Prevent overbooking with system wide visibility to reserved inventory

Other Warehousing Features Include:

  • Automatic print of bin location barcode schematics to help you barcode the locations of stock in your warehouse
  • Site-specific or multi-facility costing and supply procurement; buy and receive into n number of warehouse locations
  • Auto-population of receipt information upon entry of PO number on packing slip
  • Capture traceability at receipt of product with Date Code, Lot Code / Heat Number / Tag Number, and Revision
  • Deliver receipt and/or inspection instructions (default or per part) to receiving clerk
  • Capture piece measurement of material at receipt of product to track dimensional inventory in stock and throughout production and shipment of product.
  • Serialize individual pieces of raw material
  • Immediate print of product receipt labels and/or product serial labels upon receipt against PO
  • FIFO Support and Complete Receipt Traceability.
  • Electronically Attach Vendor Documents (Certificate of Conformance, RoHS, etc) to Receipts.
  • Display of any “hot” orders needing incoming product immediately after receipt directing receiving clerk to bring material to the floor instead of putting away into stock
  • Inspect and Validate Receipts in Receiving Process.
  • Queue up receipts of inventory pending putaway into stock; accomplish putaway with one scan of the receipt barcode label and one scan of the bin barcode label
  • Alert pick queue of warehouse user(s) to pull stock (i.e. pick parts) from inventory to fulfill orders released to production, or to fulfill part requests initiated from the shop floor
  • Bin-level routing guides warehouse users to pick locations
  • Barcode scan of receipt validates accurate picking; optionally force users to scan correct receipt to unlock picking functionality
  • Pick components, dimensional inventory, and/or serialized raw material
  • Cut material and put specific dimensions of inventory back into stock
  • Pick parts operations functionally reserve inventory as WIP and queued up for backflush at invoicing
  • Ability to Audit Completed Order Picks.
  • Modernized cycle counting and full inventory programs with mobile tablet support for periodic inventory validation
  • Robust inventory activity reporting for comprehensive visibility and auditability of inventory movement
  • Build-for-stock process integrated into normal work order processing; products may be completed and received back into stock with a one-click “one-step-receipt” upon completion of production
  • Support for recommended random stock warehousing methodology
  • Ability to record damage identification upon receipt of PO/inbound shipment
  • Failed receiving inspections auto-generate NCRs which links to defined NCR process in system
  • Support for multiple warehouse locations
  • Virtual inventory bin locations (with corresponding bin barcodes) within warehouse locations provide detailed audit information.


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