Integrate quality tracking directly to your ERP system, eliminate large portions of quality related paperwork, and automatically fulfill ISO and related certification audit requirements.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Integrate your quality system directly to your ERP
  • Reduce paperwork, save time and money
  • Streamline management of certification compliance requirements
  • Build in quality validation to your production management module
  • Implement detailed quality checks via software driven process
  • Use a system designed specifically for regulatory compliance
  • Collect information, control process, and enforce controls
  • Access quality data easily with graphs, reports, and easy excel exporting
  • Initiate QC processes across the system from multiple divisions in your company

Other Quality Assurance Features Include

  • Document control and document revision control; workflow, approvals, and assignments routing on document objects to meet controlled document standards (document storage and control enabled on all business objects across entire ERP system)
  • Validate kit builds before releasing to production or shipping
  • Failed kit audits automatically generate NCRs, linking to NCR process
  • RMAs Flow Through System Directly Through Normal Order Build Process.
  • Track RMA reasons and link steps to distinct RMA reasons
  • Automatically create NCRs through RMA process if necessary
  • Log inspections directly from work orders (e.g. receiving, in-process, final), pass/fail rates, failure codes, and more to create detailed reports on inspection activity
  • Maintain your own database of inspection failure codes
  • Require (i.e. system enforce) critical steps in inspection instructions, work instructions, job checklists and data collection sheets delivered electronically to shop floor
  • Automatically generate NCRs with source details upon any inspection failure
  • Track exceptions in a centralized NCR system
  • Route NCRs via auditable workflow control and automated email notifications to appropriate dispositions and departments
  • Automatically link out to CARs (corrective action reports) to resolve NCRs.
  • Optional 8D (eight disciplines) tracked to CAR resolution
  • Root cause analysis tools within CARs / PARs
  • Ability to link (automatically with some testing equipment) external test results and automated testers
  • Quality dashboards for immediate overview
  • Attach quality alerts to sensitive parts (published in bright red on work orders for those BOMs) for alert users in production
  • Asset, tool, and equipment tracking
  • Asset maintenance and calibration scheduling
  • Tie tools and equipment to BOMs to track equipment needs on orders
  • Maintain tooling equivalents
  • Maintain asset and tool serialization, expiration dates, manufacturer/supplier, PO history, and much more
  • Customer case management and follow up tracking
  • Enforce consistent follow-up on customer complaints to deliver actions unto resolution of customer open cases
  • Define Inspections as Required With Every Build on a Per Part Basis.
  • Link Necessary Documents to Specific Parts and Revisions.
  • Define Test Process and Require Critical Steps.
  • Ability to Link External Test Results and Automated Testers


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