Stay clean and organized. The only document management system you need is already built into your ERP system, saving time spent chasing through file naming schemes and spreadsheets.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Associate files to logical access points in the system
  • Store any file type within any Cetec ERP business object
  • Earn back time spent chasing through file cabinets and shared drives
  • Never worry about not being able to find a file again
  • Remove complex file naming schemes
  • Collaborate better on key documents
  • Get better control on document revisions and approvals
  • Reduce typing time, increase quality and professionalism
  • Make your world less chaotic by reducing paper volume
  • Take advantage of the technology available today and make doing business more pleasant

Other Document Management Features Include:

  • Enterprise document control integrated across every ERP module
  • Complete revision control and document revision history
  • Intelligent document association provides instant access to necessary documents
  • Generate common documents directly in the Cetec ERP system
  • Auto-populate documents with ERP data to increase quality and professionalism and reduce typing time

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