Cetec ERP’s powerful and flexible business platform helps you easily fulfill a wide variety of customer and/or internal product demands. Track and fulfill orders quickly in Cetec ERP. Stay nimble, provide excellent customer service, automate boring tasks, and get product out of the door. Fulfill a variety of customer and/or internal product demands, including MTO, ETO, CPQ, CTO, Build For Stock, Finished Goods Distribution, Raw Materials Distribution, Subassemblies (Kan-Ban), and more.

Cetec ERP Can Help You

  • Consistent process for all order fulfillment
  • Integration achieves real time collaboration
  • Stay nimble and flexible with changing customer demands
  • Keep inventory straight and appropriately allocated
  • Provide visibility to order status across your company
  • Avoid redundant data entry
  • Automate work order creation
  • Automate delivery of work order data to the shop floor
  • Achieve completely paperless order fulfillment; reduce costly paperwork
  • Stay flexible and deal with edge cases and expedites easily

Other Order Processing Features Include:

  • Full support for all following demand scenarios:
    • Raw or finished goods distribution orders
    • Make-to-stock, build-for-stock orders
    • Make-to-order (MTO)
    • Engineer-to-order (ETO)
    • Configure-to-order (CTO)
    • Configure, price, quote (CPQ)
    • Assemble-to-order (ATO)
  • Consistent process for all demand scenarios above; same screens and modules for all order types.
  • Copy existing build records (BOM material and labor) for repeat business
  • Keep quote lines open and release line at a time
  • Dictate complete versus partial shipment preferences per quote and per order
  • Enforce credit holds on customer accounts for new or open orders
  • Enter order forecasts and release to production only per order schedule dictated by customer
  • Clone line items or entire quotes to streamline data entry in repeat business scenarios
  • Streamline multi-level BOM order fulfillment
  • Utilize “auto-pick” functionality to reduce material transactional overhead on work orders
  • Sort open work orders by scheduled work start dates to optimize order releases
  • Print all order and order traveler documentation upon order release, e.g. part pick lists, routers, travelers and license plates, certificates of conformance, work instructions and job checklists, inspection checklists, serials, etc.
  • Release multiple orders at a time to production; fill warehouse users’ electronic pick queues to drive order picking
  • Shop floor work orders directly tied to sales order line items or internal demand line items
  • Build-for-stock order invoicing accomplishes one-step receipt of finished product and appropriately segmented COGS entries to general ledger
  • Split work orders to accommodate customer or internal requests for partial fulfillment of production items
  • Ship partially and leave items on backorder
  • Define freight charge and cost per invoice
  • Out of box integration with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager
  • Automated sales tax integration per customer order
  • Dynamically print packing slips and part packing labels and order packing labels upon shipment and invoice of product
  • Shipping and invoicing occur simultaneously with one click
  • Invoicing order automatically back flushes inventory set to relieve


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