Cetec ERP Release 4.08

We are very excited to announce that Cetec ERP 4.08 has been released to BETA!

Cetec ERP 4.08 will be rolled out to LIVE cloud environments at the beginning of January 2023. We are looking forward to seeing our customers take advantage of the number of New features in Cetec ERP 4.08, all geared to make daily tasks simpler and teams more efficient!

Below are the New features included in Cetec ERP 4.08!

New features:

New BOM Compare feature!

  • New screen under a the BOM revision edit screen
  • This allows you to compare revisions of BOM to find discrepancies in component part number, component line number, and qty per top

New Production Management Metrics: Estimate vs. Actual report now shows pieces completed compared to Work Order Qty.

  • If less than 25% of pieces have been completed against Work Order Qty, field will highlight red;
  • If between 25% and 75% of pieces have been completed against Work Order Qty, field will highlight yellow;
  • If more than 75% of pieces have been completed against Work Order Qty, field will highlight green. See Production » Mgmt » Est vs Actual » (new version)

Other enhancements:

  • Workflow history was added to Ordhead, and can be accessed via the left hand navigation on the order header overview.

  • New ability to assign multiple buyers/product managers per PRC. Buyers/Product Managers will be listed in ‘Buyer’ column on MRP and on Prod Order List w/ ‘Show Prod Mgmt?’ selected.

  • New config setting called ‘Order - Show Full Bin Pick Button’ that will add a button ‘All on the far right of the bins on the part pick screen that picks the full bin qty and changes bin name to Order number.

  • Changes to the Bookings dashboard widget to show Current Bookings and Future Bookings. Current Bookings represents bookings due to become revenue in the next X number of days, based on the Ship Date of an order. Future Bookings represents bookings due to become revenue beyond the ‘# of Days’ entered. Current Bookings plus Future Bookings will equal Total Bookings.

  • New ordline document called ‘Status List’ will show a barcode per work location defined on the work order, and will change the work location to that work location when scanned.

  • Clock in/out enhancements based on user role

  • Object description field added to the document list, specifically for part description.

  • Added Preferred Manufacturer and OEM part number as hover tips on BOM overview

  • Fixed inactive users displaying on certain search queries

  • Added part documents to PQuote and PO email to be attached

  • Added GP to Bomquote markup tool

  • Added Customer to internal order header when creating Work Order from the Sales Order to show which customer that order was created for.

  • Added new PPV and Last Buy variance columns to PQuote and PO. There are now configs for approval thresholds that can be added to the PQuote approval. Config settings are pquote_approval_ppv_threshold and pquote_approval_lbv_threshold. One or the other should be used - enter either an integer for a flat threshold amount, or append with a % to force approval based on percentage.

  • Added checkbox on Cetec ERP login screen to show/hide password on login

  • Added original order qty to the PO list, when viewing by Line

  • Added total shelf qty on inventory screen - this will show below all bins in a warehouse and shows the sum of all parts on the shelf, or not picked to an order

  • Additions to multi-currency display - added to RMA list, check register, invoice list, voucher list, ap payment list

  • Added ability to set up default notifications on ordline status

  • Added Part description and Incoming Inspection Instruction to part notifier email

  • Project PNL - the Profit & Loss now leverages project tags to allow you generate a project specific PNL

  • New part request approval threshold table allows you to designate users as part request approvers based on levels of thresholds. This can be set up per location. See Admin » Maintenance » Part Request Approvals.

  • Added new Invoice line field to mark Invoice lines as ‘billed’ or linked to the Consolidated Invoice. The Consolidated invoice PDF, if downloaded or emailed, will flag this field on an invoice line to indicate it was included on a Consolidated Invoice. The Consolidated Invoice will now have a filter to include/exclude these lines.

  • New Bookings Summary List Report: Bookings summary list shows the aging of bookings by Ship Date, according to bookings entry date. Bookings entered yesterday will show in the ‘Yesterday’ column and placed in the aging bucket based on the new Ship Date for that order. See Sales » Orders » Bookings Summary List

  • New Late Components List Report: Late Components List shows the revenue impact of late or short components. This data can be reported on back to Vendors or prcpart. See Parts » Reports » Late Component List

  • New foreign currency reconciliation reclassifies foreign currency transactions for month end processes