Cetec ERP Release 4.10

We are very excited to announce that Cetec ERP 4.10 has been released to BETA!

Cetec ERP 4.10 will be rolled out to LIVE cloud environments mid June 2023. We are looking forward to seeing our customers take advantage of the number of New features in Cetec ERP 4.10, all geared to make daily tasks simpler and teams more efficient!

Below are the new features included in Cetec ERP 4.10

Major new features

New streamlined process for vendor PO prepayments and prepaid inventory!

  • We added a link in the left side-nav menu of any open purchase order screen titled “prepay”. You may now enter a prepayment (with any AP Payment method) for a $ amount of PO Lines, Tax, and/or Freight while the PO is still open and not yet received.

  • Issuing a prepayment against a vendor PO will create a new business object called a “Vendor Unapplied Cash” with the $ amount of the prepayment you issued. This amount will be visible on any vendor AP statement.

  • Additionally, issuing a prepayment against a vendor PO will have the effect of crediting your cash or credit account on your chart of accounts, and debiting the account per the new Vendor Unapplied Cash GL transaction mapping (suggested “prepaid inventory” asset account).

  • If the PO was prepaid in full, accounting may run the “unvouchered receipts” to monitor any receipts not yet invoiced that were prepaid to identify which of these receipts still represent Prepaid Inventory asset amounts on the balance sheet. To clear these, accounting may create a voucher to clear that receipt, and pay that voucher using the original Vendor Unapplied Cash object. View our how to video here.

NCR interface has been re-written into the newer/faster programming language “React.JS” (front end) and “GoLang” (back end). Learn more about this feature here.

Other enhancements

  • New G/L mapping exists to default an A/P voucher split when adding a non-inventory receipt to a voucher. This will be overridden by non-inventory voucher mapping at the Prcpart or vendor level if it is defined on a Prcpart or vendor. If this is not set, it will fail-over to the current mapping for your AP Accrual account.

  • Email notifications added to ECOs for Responsiblity assignment and CARs for Action Assignment. When user is added, a notification email will be sent. Two configs added to disable this behavior: “ECO - Don’t email users on responsibility assignment” and “CAR - Don’t email users on action assignment”. Set these to ‘0’ to allow, and ‘1’ to disable.

  • Added Intercompany filter to Invoice as Used list

  • Added bonus columns for components on a BOM as PartRevisionDefinition bonus columns. These will be maintained on the permanent BOM revision and will be searchable on the new version of Invoice as Used and Order as Used lists.

Part Request Enhancements

  • New part requests will now go into a status of new/unassigned (color coded in light green on the part request list report).
  • Part request Quantities are now editable (if in status of new and not yet picked).
  • New columns on part request list: Next PO incoming for part, real-time status (work location) of the work order the part request was issued from.

  • Progress billings now support greater flexibility around partial shipping and shipping beyond that which has been progress billed for. Includes fixes for retainage calculations with progress billings.

  • Fix to ensure transaction code listed in order/waterfall reports matches the forecast code (build vs stock) on forecast object itself.

  • New columns for Customer and Work start date added to work order movement report

  • Part component details added to part spec groups. Part spec groups will now show part description, default cost, QOH, QR, Qty Avail, and QOO.

  • Part waterfall will now highlight expiring bins

  • Quickbooks Online plug-in now supports integration of Cetec ERP Vouchers to “Bills” in QBO

  • The new Order Release (Move To Pick Queues) report now contains a filter option for “unassigned” orders in the “Assigned To” filter.