Cetec ERP Release 4.11

We are very excited to announce that Cetec ERP 4.11 has been released to BETA!

Cetec ERP 4.11 will be rolled out to LIVE cloud environments mid September 2023. We are looking forward to seeing our customers take advantage of the number of new features in Cetec ERP 4.11, all geared to make daily tasks simpler and teams more efficient!

Major new features:

Progress Billing structure has been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility of invoicing and fulfilling/shipping product.

  • In release 4.09, we announced “if you are using the progress billing feature on any order, this will lock you in to using Progress Invoices to invoice the entirety of the order, such that you may only ship up to what has been progress invoiced for.”
  • Now, as of release 4.11, shipping/invoicing on order line items will net/reduce against progress invoices, and only generate additional revenue and A/R owed by the customer insofar as the amount being shipped/invoiced exceeds the total amount already invoiced via Progress Billings (the same dynamic applies if “deferred revenue” was assigned to the progress invoice).

New capabilities for building in buffer and staging times before/after work locations on a labor plan!

  • Previously, in order to model a “buffer” period of time before or after a work location (traveler/router) schedule, you had to create and utilize a separate “staging” work location and place that staging work location in the labor plan (traveler/router) itself, and set the time estimate on that staging location to be a static setup or outsource based time entry in order for the scheduling system to register the buffer.
  • As of release 4.11, Cetec ERP has introduced a new field you can set on a single work location to estimate static buffer time before or after the estimate of direct labor on the work location.
  • This new field (called “Buffer”) may be defaulted in the Data Maintenance » OrdlineStatus table, or set manually/overridden in a part’s labor plan or order specific labor plan. To learn more about this feature click here.

Other enhancements:

  • User Maintenance enhancement! Now, when you create a new user, you can specify a setting to copy over all user roles/restrictions from an existing user onto the new user you are creating (so you don’t have to manually assign roles to each new user every time you create a new user).

  • BOM import enhancement: you may now import BOM Component bonus columns (user defined fields). Admin>Maintenance>Bonus Columns>PartRevisionDefinition

  • New PO approval restrictions allow you to prevent updates on PO if cost or qty increases.

  • Lotcode and Serial Format enhancements. Now, you can create bonus columns (Part, Quote, Quote Lines) and use those as variables within your Lotcode and Serial Format scheme.

  • Additions to Project Financials totals to better reflect retainage and project financials.

  • Customer bonus columns added to contact list

  • PQuote and Tool objects rewritten in new GoLang/React.js languages to improve platform speed and ease of use.

  • New BOM compare functionality: you can now compare a work order tempBOM revision from BOM compare and can push changes from the BOM compare to the work order tempBOM without having to update the revision (if and only if the component is not already picked on the work order).

  • There is now a column for Lot Code in the Production WIP Material report, indicating which lot/receipt of material the WIP material was picked/issued from.

  • Part description added as a column Inventory Activity list (new version)

  • Added the ability, on a work order labor plan, to add labor plan steps from a different prcpart without replacing current labor plan steps and included a ‘delete’ function to remove work locations.

  • Order POs column on Sales Order List now includes the Drop Ship PO number

  • Location filter added to Invoice Cost Comparison and Invoice Labor Variance reports

  • New Lead Movement Report in Cetec ERP’s CRM module tracks the number of leads which have reached a certain stage in your sales funnel (i.e. lead pipeline/workflow) within a certain date range.

  • Primary bin added as a column to List by Warehouse new version

  • Work order “Prod Stats” and “Prod Notes” shop floor alerting system has been updated.
  • Now, instead of a free form field to input Prod Notes from a work order (which cannot be saved), you may input a Note object. This Note will be stored against the work order with a Note Type of Prod Notes.
  • Notice that any previous Prod Notes you have entered into a work order will have been converted to a Note object!

  • Improvements to filtering and reporting on Release to Pick (new version)
  • Work location filter is now “multi-select” so you can filter by more than one work location at a time.
  • Report may now be run in Prod Stats mode so you can quickly click/view Prod Notes.
  • Additionally, previously, you could run the Production Order List report in Prod Stats mode and click into a column to bring up a specific work order’s Prod Status and Prod Notes. This behavior has been extended to the “Release To Pick Queues” report.

  • New fields added to PQuote and PO to allow for variations in Ship To address for Outsource POs

  • Added Invoice line (QuoteLine) bonus columns to the Ontime Shipment Report

  • Lot Codes can now be defined per customer and prcpart. There is also a new lot code keyword called LOTFROMCOMPONENT that will inherit the lot code from the first component on a BOM.
  • Lot Code can be defined on the customer record under ‘Production Setup’. On the part record, the Lot Code can be defined under the Production section on the part edit screen.
  • LOTFROMCOMPONENT is only able to be used on work orders to set the lot code from a component.