Cetec ERP Version 4.12

We are very excited to announce that Cetec ERP 4.12 has been released to BETA!

Cetec ERP 4.12 will be rolled out to LIVE cloud environments early December 2023. We are looking forward to seeing our customers take advantage of the number of new features in Cetec ERP 4.12, all geared to make daily tasks simpler and teams more efficient!

Major new features:

Cetec ERP now contains an address map of the world where you can input a customer, vendor, or customer contact; this will locate the corresponding address(es) and highlight their position on the map. See Sales » Reports » Addresses to access this new report.

New capacity utilization report shows work “loaded” (i.e. work/labor scheduled) against the work locations in your company. You can run the report by day, week, or month. If the report is run by day, for example, the report will total the amount of labor scheduled for that day against the capacity normally available at that work location for that day.

New Help Tab at bottom right of every screen on Cetec ERP lets you ask AI Chatbot questions and returns answers from Cetec ERP documentation (available to customers on Standard and Enterprise plans only).

New “Scan To Navigate” feature!

  • You can now add barcodes to custom documents (e.g. work order travelers, license plates, etc.) with the URL text translated to barcode formats. From any screen inside Cetec ERP, you could scan this barcode and the Cetec ERP web-browser will load the page you scanned.

Asset Depreciation

  • Cetec ERP now lets you set up an automated asset/equipment depreciation schedule that integrates directly to your financial statements.
  • To use this feature, head to the “new version” of the Tool Edit menu on a tool record and click Depreciation on the left side-nav menu. Set the initial cost/value of the tool, its eventual salvage estimate value, the number of years of life before salvage, and the accounts you wish to post depreciation values to. The system will automatically calculate the needed yearly depreciation entries needed to arrive at the salvage value; preview and submit to automatically post and future-date GL entries according to the depreciation schedule.

Order Batching

  • You can now add (key in or scan in) work orders to a “batch”. From the new Batch view, you can start work or add labor time. Time will be divided and applied equally across all work orders within the batch. Additionally, you can update the OrdlineStatus (Work Location) of a batch; this action will move all work orders within the batch to the Work Location you specify.
  • Coming soon: ability to issue material (pick parts) to a batch; material will be issued in proportion to the quantity needed for that material for each work order within a batch.

Other Enhancements:

  • Previously, when payments were posted to clear AR invoices and/or AP invoices (vouchers), their respective “splits” would breakout into separate GL accounts according to which GL account each split was mapped to. Now, Cetec ERP can consolidate those split GL postings into a single entry on the GL by cost center and account (i.e. if the splits share the same account, cost center, and currency, they will consolidate $ amounts into a single GL entry split). To enable this behavior, locate config settings “Consolidate GL Entry Splits - AR Payment” and “Consolidate GL Entry Splits - AP Payment” and turn them on (set them to ‘1’).

  • Split Qty Receipt - new button on the receiving screen allows you to enter multiple (X number) receipts against the same PO line. This is useful for receiving multiple lot codes against a PO line at once.

  • Provide more clarity to unset parts under the ‘Material Here On’ column in the production order list. Production Management “Material Here On” column will now show both the date of that latest PO allocated to an order and “Unset” if any components do not have a PO allocated to that order.

  • Importing PartRevisionDefinition bonus columns is now supported on the BOM revision import tool. This does not extend to the Quote BOM import tool.

  • Added new serial and lot code format options are: DAY, 2DIGITDAY, MONTHNUMBER, and 2DIGITMONTHNUMBER.

  • Cetec ERP will now save and store the custom documents you upload (to Admin » Config Settings » Custom Document List) so you can see and fetch history of any previous custom documents.

  • Added Credit Memo field to the Debit Memo page in order to link your vendor’s credit memo number to your internal debit memo number, which should then show on the vendor invoice remittance PDF (if/when vendor credits are applied) and the A/P statement.

  • BOM Export now includes a column for alternates in part spec group if a part spec group exists for a component within the BOM.

  • Add auto-expire populate to internal work orders if shelf life is populated on the part record. Expiration gets set at the time of the completed work order.

  • PQuote Line Import now supports 2500 lines.

  • Added Order Traceability Doc along with bonus columns to traceability doc on both order and invoice.

  • A note has been added to the Component Need Across BOMs list (the new version only) that a part belongs to a Part Spec Group.

  • “New” version of the BOM Overview screen is now available, with new scrolling functionality in the BOM tree. The page will load much quicker for all levels of the BOM.

  • “Notes” added to Part records and sticky notes will display as sticky on the Part » Waterfall screen.

  • New default Cert of Conformance (COC) is now available at the Order Header level; previously C.O.C.’s only existed for order line items (work orders).