NEW RELEASE: Cetec ERP 4.04!

We are excited to announce that the latest update of Cetec ERP has been released. Cetec ERP 4.04 includes multiple new features we hope will make your experience running Cetec ERP better!

Cetec ERP 4.04 is now released.

Cetec ERP 4.04 will hit all LIVE cloud environments on March 20, 2022. Read on below for a full list of these new features and other improvements to the Cetec ERP platform.

Note: Cetec ERP may perform soft rollouts to your particular instance of Cetec ERP up to 14 days ahead of the LIVE release date. If your instance receives a soft rollout, every one of your users will be notified upon login to that instance the next time they log in. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests about the new release!

Major new features:

Formatting change to all default PDF documents!

  • Line items now contain alternating gray backgrounds to increase readability.

Part-specific Inventory G/L mapping!

  • You may now set certain parts to override the default inventory asset GL account posted to when shipping/invoicing and/or receiving parts.

Warehouse transfers now support an “In Transit” warehouse

  • This is to help track inventory in-transit between warehouses; this comes with its own GL mapping and set of automated shipment/receipts between the “from” warehouse, the in-transit warehouse, and the “to” warehouse.

New Work Order ESTIMATE versuse ACTUAL report!

  • New report aggregates estimated time at work locations against actual time tracked to those same work locations (including detail on each users’ contributions to the actual time aggregated at a work location). Useful for labor est vs actual reporting even if users are not populating the “# of pieces” per time segment scanned/entered.

Other enhancements:

  • New and improved formatting of default Excel export on Accounting » AR By Customer report.

  • End user info on order header (under temp ship).

  • Fix duplicate Root Causes displaying in the same Corrective Action Report (CAR).

  • You can now flag a BOM Component (in the BOM Edit screen) as “Customer Supplied”; checking this flag will preclude that component from being shown in MRP as needed, to protect purchasing from buying a component that will already be customer supplied. (Note: some companies arguably do not want this behavior, as they have a process where even customer supplied components still have an internal PO placed for them to satisfy demand/shortage).

  • New “Pro Forma Invoice” PDF document may now be generated from the Quote page (previously this was only possible to do from the Order screen).

  • BOM Overview now has an option to display a components’ last buy date (the most recent date that the component was placed and entered on a vendor PO).

  • New option to batch add all lines with Ship Qty populated onto a selected SKID.

  • New ability to batch slide dates by x number of days (forward or backward) across all subassembly orders listed on the “Related Orders” screen for a particular multi-level Order.

  • On part record screens, there is now a “recache” blue button at the bottom right of the screen; if any inventory timing issues exist with Inventory “cached values”, you can click this button to update them. Previously, this was only possible by clicking into the Pencil icon of a warehouse record and clicking Update.

  • MRP may now be filtered and/or restricted based on a date range for suggested “Buy Date”.

  • New report tracks throughput of which orders have passed through which work locations (i.e. “completed” them) and what are their corresponding resale values, i.e. a labor plan level Sales Value of Production report. See Production » Mgmt » Piece Movement.