A Quick Case for Cloud-based ERP

We have witnessed the ubiquity of ease & convenience arrive in countless technologies in our modern world.


Gone are the days of piling the family in the car and filing into the neighborhood Blockbuster video store to select your rental for the night. Now, you fight over thousands of titles from the comfort of your couch via Netflix or Hulu or the newly anointed Disney+.

Nearing the end of your toilet paper stash?–“Alexa, order the 24-pack of Charmin Ultra, please,” – and at your door it arrives, within 48 hours time.

Minor tasks such as these have become so accessible and made so convenient that we almost laugh at the ridiculousness of the levels of comfort these technologies assume we need.

Check inventory levels at home.

But – the cloud technology that brought you these smart TVs, smart phones, and smart homes, also brings you a clever iteration of ERP software. And when you can check the inventory levels of every part in your warehouse on your laptop before hopping in the shower at home, or take out your phone and in a moment quickly convert a quote to an order (SALE!) while you relax in a beach chair on your family vacation, who’s laughing now?

The point being – manufacturing ERP technology is reaching (and has reached, in our case) the levels of modernity that we have seen strike with such great magnitude nearly every area of our lives already because of cloud computing. And in the case of technology that literally runs your business, absurd levels of accessibility, ease-of-use, AND cost-efficiency ($40/user/month!) don’t hurt.

Cloud is the future of ERP (just like everything else) - and we are capitalizing on this technology in the here and now. Don’t be left behind; find out more about why cloud ERP would work for your business by beginning a free trial of Cetec ERP (from wherever you are!).