Announcing Cetec ERP Version 4.06!

We are excited to announce Cetec ERP version 4.06 will be rolled out starting July 27th, 2022! This version comes with some major updates to enhance user experience. Here is what you can expect after the update.

Major New Features


User interface overhaul of Production » Work Order » Main View screen! This is the screen your shop workers pull up when viewing/scanning a work order.

  • “Start Work” button is larger and included further up and to the left.
  • Order estimate vs. actual KPIs are now broken out per work location (previously this was only visible for the entire work order, not per work location).
    • The work order’s current location (whichever work location the work order is statused to in real-time) estimate vs. actual tracking KPI will display first in order toward the top of the screen.
    • The work order “move to next” to update ordline status displays below in sequence, followed by a table of Active Work presently occurring on the work order.
    • A work order’s total estimate vs. actual tracking will display below that in sequence.
    • Finally, a full list of all estimate vs. actual breakdowns for all work locations on the work order’s labor plan is at the bottom of the screen; the current work location KPI will be highlighted in yellow.

Please advise your Production and Manufacturing personnel that this screen has undergone a significant interface update.


User interface revamp of Warehouse » Receiving screen!

Receiving screen has been overhauled for greater ease of use and efficiency.

Please advise your Receiving personnel that this screen has undergone a significant interface update.

Packing Slip Re-Print Enhancement

For packing slips printed after order ship/invoices instead of before order ship/invoices. Lets you preview and show/hide columns on Packing Slip Re-Print PDF, instead of locking you into whatever the show/hide display settings were on the packing slip before the order shipped.

Other Enhancements

  • Speed optimization efforts to handle more extreme numbers of components on BOMs.
  • New BOMQuote (Job Quoting) features!
    • Default material cost % adder can be set per top-level part number via Part » Build Defaults. This % value will autopopulate down to the BOMQuote Worksheet “procurement charge” cost bucket.
    • Default labor cost % adder can be set per top-level part number via Part » Build Defaults. This % value will autopopulate down to the BOMQuote Worksheet Labor Estimate.
    • System-wide total BOM cost adder can be set in Admin » Config Settings » Config Settings » Total BOM Cost Inflator - set this to percentage value including the percent sign. In the BOMQuote Markup section, this value will increase the total BOM cost (material cost, labor cost, procurement charges, tooling charges, excess material charges, and miscellaneous charges) by the Total BOM Cost Inflator factor before applying the markup you set.
  • Display RMA Line » Rev field on RMA PDF even when there is no source invoice linked.
  • Work Order » Tools screen (which displays any Tool associated with a Part Number that work order is for) now displays in grid format with numerous additional related Tool/Asset fields.
  • New flag on Order » Prepayment screen lets you control whether that prepayment’s $ value should be auto-applied to the invoice A/R generated at the time of ship/invoicing that order, versus allowing you to control the application of the prepayment to that order’s invoice (or other invoices) manually.
  • Order » Bookings report now includes old ship date vs. new ship dates to log ship date changes.
  • New report shows all parts that have been received and are destined for work orders short and actively waiting on those parts to arrive. Access this report in Parts » Reports » Parts To Release.

    • Note: ‘Orders Needing Parts’ shows Un/Under-picked Stock Orders With A Ship Date <= Today, and Un/Under-picked Build Orders With A Work Start Date <= Today. Build Orders Can Be Set To Filter On Ship Date Instead Of By Work Start Date With The ‘Build Order Date Type’ Filter Above. Exports with more than 1000 rows will not include all columns.
  • User role permissions to edit terms now breakout to manage permissions for editing customer terms vs. vendor terms separately.
  • Stop All Work feature (which allows you to automatically clock out of any/all users’ time tracking on any/all orders with one click) now lets you specify certain users to clock out.
  • Incoming Inspection records now have a print/email PDF document option.
  • New report “PO Cost History” highlights any price changes between a PO Line for an item and any subsequent PO Line for the same part number (i.e. if the purchase price decreased or increased since the previous time you bought the item).
  • Work Order Mvmt (Production Throughput) now includes columns for Est Labor, Actual Labor, and % Delta.
  • New filter by commodity code reporting feature now exists on MRP module.
  • New dashboard widget/KPI for inventory by commodity code breakdown.
  • For invoices referencing extremely large itemizations of receipts, you may now import PO Lines/Receipts onto the voucher screen and auto-add via the import.
  • Opportunities (Sales » Opportunities) may now be converted into Quotes if/when an opportunity/pipeline reaches that stage in the opportunity development lifecycle; quote will be created for that same customer and will contain Quote Line items matching the pipeline entries specified on the Opportunity.

Note: Cetec ERP may perform soft rollouts to your particular instance of Cetec ERP within 14 days of the LIVE 07/27/2022 release date. If your instance receives a soft rollout, every one of your users will be notified upon login to that instance the next time they log in. Please contact us if you have any questions or requests about the new release!

Cetec ERP Version 4.06 will roll out starting July 27th, 2022!