Cloud Business Cases: Are My Jobs Starting On Time?

We had a cloud ERP user recently ask:

We’d like to see whether orders are starting production on their scheduled work start dates. Is there a report that would allow us to report on that metric for all orders scheduled to start in a given week or month, for example? Is there anywhere the production release date gets logged, so we could see that an order was started 5 days late, for example?

To achieve this in the Cetec ERP cloud manufacturing platform, we recommend the following.

Head to the Production » Orders » List report for a full list of scheduled jobs in your ERP system. Check out a screenshot of this report:

Scheduled Jobs

Make sure you have the [+/- columns] set to show Work Start Date, Work Loc, and WIP Comment. For any date range you define in the report filters, you’ll then be able to see which of those work orders have been released to production, because their Work Loc will be something other than the “Scheduled - Not Yet Released To Floor” status.

The actual release date does get logged as a “location change” on the work order history. You can see that in the History detail of any work order.

The WIP comment is auto-logged for the order, it will show the most recent activity (location change and the user who did it).

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