B&K Valves and Equipment is Thriving with Cetec ERP: A “Phenomenal” System

The following Press Release was issued on PRWeb:

Business is booming at B&K Valves and Equipment after successfully launching their new ultra-low-cost Cetec ERP manufacturing and accounting web-based business suite. Cetec has digitally transformed production and business operations at B&K Valves and Equipment, making things a whole lot easier.

B&K Valves is a Manufacturer Representative Firm working in the Hydro Power, Water, and Wastewater Industries. They provide design, sales, pipeline and valve assessments, and repair services for the valves and equipment required for large to small projects. B&K Valves represents companies who manufacture specialty engineered products and who are industry recognized as leaders in their respective fields.


When B&K began operating in 2013, they used Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their business and accounting operations. But after a few years, B&K Vice President Kris Wall realized the company needed a better way to track and manage their business without breaking the bank. After ruling out various ERP systems that came with astronomical startup costs, B&K discovered Cetec. With much lower upfront costs than outdated providers like NetSuite or Oracle, Cetec ERP is a comprehensive, modern web-based alternative that gives ERP access to manufacturers across the world.

“This ERP system is so phenomenal. You get what you need to look at and it makes our jobs so much easier,” said Kris Wall, Vice President of B&K Valves and Equipment. “Now we’re going to be able to grow our business based on this software. Besides just running and maintaining our business, we’re actually going to be able to expand into different realms.”

Many companies get caught up in a lengthy implementation process that ends up costing them both time and money, but B&K transitioned to Cetec smoothly. With the help of the responsive support team and comprehensive training modules, Wall says the Cetec ERP system has made business much clearer and easier to manage. Cetec has helped B&K achieve their goals and grow as a company. Cetec has become an essential tool in B&K’s day-to-day operations, and Wall says going back to the old way of doing things would be a complete nightmare.

With the Cetec ERP platform, there are so many tools to take advantage of, and Wall says right now their company is only using 10% of the software. Cetec allows users to track, run reports on open purchase orders, see what vendors are owed, and so much more. Due to the Cetec ERP integration, B&K Valves and Equipment is now running with greater efficiency, and makes decisions based on accurate, real-time information, helping them expand and flourish in their industry. Wall says Cetec is “phenomenal” and he would recommend it to any other type of growing business.

“A lot of companies can benefit from Cetec ERP. It’s a great system to start off with, because the cost is per user, and you can scale with it very easily, so it doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, it’s much more economical than a standalone industry specific ERP system.” -Kris Wall, Vice President of B&K Valves and Equipment

With so many intuitive features and an inexpensive price tag, Cetec ERP is the cloud-based solution your business needs!